pro artist tip of the week - avoid looking older with your makeup

Nov 15, 2010

as women, we definitely have to face the facts and understand that we are all aging.  sure we can take advantage of procedures – topical and surgical – to make us look younger.  why do you think botox is a booming business today?  at stila we are like switzerland when it comes to botox - we aren't advocating or opposing the practice.  however, we are here to say as experts in the industry that certain makeup techniques are unfortunately aging.  avoid them.  now.  we want everyone to look as young as possible.  and makeup is a great resource for this.  here are some suggestions to ensure that you’re makeup is not aging you.

choose the right foundation.  the other day we worked with this woman who was wearing the wrong foundation.  it looked ashy on her skin and didn’t do much for her complexion.  we hate to admit this, but it probably added five years to her age.  once we put the right shade on her and applied one step correct as a primer there was a noticeable change.  she looked younger and healthier.  keep this in mind.  and if you need help choosing the right foundation, ask.  you will be glad you did.

don’t forget the color.  sometimes women assume that color means bold or red.  this isn’t true.  color could be a nice neutral that pops your cheeks and lips like stila’s yumberry crush.  it is amazing how a product like this will add a youthful glow and brighten up anyone’s eyes.  sadly sometimes doing nothing can do the exact opposite, so don't be afraid of color.

be strategic about where you shimmer.  we love shimmer as much as the next person.  however, shimmer all over the face doesn’t look very good on too many people (especially as you get older).  and on a lot of people, it tends to be counterproductive - instead of highlighting the face, it ages the face.  to avoid this blunder, don’t skip the shimmer altogether.  instead, use it selectively.  apply it to the features that need highlighting.  a good place to start is on the lids of your eyes and on your cheekbones!

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