exclusive interview with total beauty executive editor, kristen giordani

Nov 10, 2010

stila fans – meet kristen giordani, TotalBeauty.com senior editor.  we met kristen a few months ago at our office in the midst of fashion week prep.  it was a bond over makeup when she admitted that she too couldn’t wait for fashion week.  “you’ll find me backstage. it’s the beauty i’m interested in,” she told us.  kristen's success is evident, especially when you mix together her passion, personality, and skills.  with over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry, she is more than an expert.  and today her efforts help millions of readers everyday online.  learn more by reading our exclusive interview below.

have you always been a big-time beauty editor?
no. i started as an intern at bazaar in the photo department, actually, and then worked at CosmoGIRL as an editorial assistant.

from photo intern to executive editor – tell us about it.
most of my background is in print publications, and obviously, in beauty.  after CosmoGirl, i worked for Seventeen magazine as their beauty director.  then, in 2007 after relocating from new york city to los angeles, i decided to take a dive into the web world when i helped launch TotalBeauty.com.

what do you love about your job?
there are so many aspects of my job that i love...
  • playing with beauty products and having the ability to test products before they hit the shelves and counters is at the top.  i never get tired of seeing what’s new and discovering whether it lives up to claims or not – and sharing that scoop with my millions of users. 
  • i also love to dish out advice, so speaking with the top experts in the business – makeup artists, dermatologists, hairstylists, etc – and being able to forward that knowledge on to my readers is thrilling. 
  • being a part of the beauty community in general is wonderful.  connecting with brands, public relations agencies and experts is fun for me – probably because i don’t know how to keep my mouth shut – i can schmooze for days.  i love being social in an industry filled with so many smart, creative, and talented people.

as a beauty editor, you are constantly discovering new trends – what do you love right now?
i have to admit that i’m loving the ombre hair color trend (it’s allowing me to go for months without touching up my own color!).  i also love red and bold lips and the craze surrounding all things nails (though mine are short and stubby these days since i’m learning to play guitar).

what can every woman do each day to look and feel better about themselves?
in general, take the time to apply a bold lipstick that might give you confidence or spend a few minutes, at least, for foundation, concealer, and blush that will make you feel and look amazing.   no one feels good when they catch a glimpse of themselves in the mirror and think “yikes, i look exhausted” or “omg, i can’t believe i’m walking around in public with an uncovered zit that size” – or at least i don’t.  call me vain, but a little makeup can go along way in making me feel better about myself.  and though i’d rather not have to take the time to apply it, it’s always worth it.

have you discovered any new beauty tips and tricks recently?
two, actually!  a makeup artist mentioned that if you dab a bit of brightening concealer at the outer corners of your lower eyelids it will help draw the corners of your eyes upward.  i’ve been testing it out and i think it may actually work!  also, i had a stylist say that you should brush through your hair each night with a boar bristle brush before going to bed.  it removes dust and debris from your strands so your hair stays clean, which will make your blowout/hairstyle last longer.

what are your favorite stila products?
i have a couple favorites, but the one i tell people about over and over again is the crème bouquet hair powder.  it perfectly hides greasy roots and has a fabulous, subtle, warm, floral scent.  is it random that my favorite hair powder comes from a makeup brand, a bit, but i don’t care.  it’s the best (please don’t ever discontinue this).  my top makeup pick is, of course, the smudge pot in kitten.  i use this as a base for all other shadows and i use it alone on the days when i want a minimal makeup look.  it adds a hint of sparkle and polishes off my look – in seconds.

any last words of wisdom for our readers?
if you get compliments on a certain makeup look you’re wearing, recreate it – over and over (and over!) again.  consider making it your signature.  i once had a boss (years ago) tell me that i should make red lipstick my signature – i would totally do this, if it didn’t require so much upkeep - and to this day anytime i wear bold red lipstick, i feel confident and i continue to garner compliments from others.  you don’t always see what others do when you look in the mirror, so paying attention to what friends/colleagues say looks great on you is a perfect way to know what really does make you stand out and look gorgeous.

thanks for all of your advice kristen.  you are amazing!!! xoxo, stila.

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