the color wheel creates everyday magic

Nov 3, 2010

this month allure’s editor, linda wells, discuses the concept of everyday magic.  wells makes an interesting comparison to today’s gimmicks out there, saying they are not too different from the placebo effect.  and often, when you buy an expensive tool promising to reduce wrinkles, your mind is possibly more powerful than the tool – just like taking a sugar pill.  hmm.  this idea does somewhat complicate the process of selecting products in a world with limitless options.  however, wells says that many products have legitimate claims and/or medicine. 

if the placebo effect is true in the beauty world, it is no wonder that makeup is a significant confidence booster.  in fact, wells pointed out one study where, “women who wore more makeup were thought to be more self-assured and to have better, more lucrative jobs.”  she described this phenomenon as “everyday magic”.

at stila we can’t think of anything more magical than our current color wheel – a palette offering you 37 different shades for only $38.   this palette was designed with the artist in mind.  we hope when you look at and use it, you will feel like an artist at work on a masterpiece.  think of all of the incredible artists who have painted with their color palettes – van gogh, monet, da vinci, picasso, etc.  the brush is in your hand now. and the time is yours to create everyday moments that are magical and fun. 

what makes this palette so great…
  • the color wheel provides unlimited looks.  it’s all you need to look great.
  • the color wheel allows you to play up your eyes.  every girl should have beautiful eyes each day.
  • the formula of the shadows can be used wet or dry.
  • our pro artists have already created several looks.  view them in the color wheel lookbook or on your iphone with stila’s new “get the look” app.

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