creme bouquet is back. WIN yours now!

Nov 9, 2010

we know a lot of stila fans have been missing this popular fragrance.  good news!  creme bouquet is back!!  get it now for only $16.  this rollerboll version of the classic stila scent is available for purchase online only.  to celebrate its return, we are giving one away to a lucky winner.  enter now!

comment and tell us why you love creme bouquet.  please include your email address in the comment.  the winner must live in the continental united states.  contest ends friday at midnight.

best of luck stila fans!!! xoxo

31 Responses to creme bouquet is back. WIN yours now!

  1. This amazing floral scent is filled with so many memories i can't even begin to explain. it's so pretty and romantic. My love for it is indescribable.

  2. The BEST soft fragrance out there, smells amazing without being overpowering - LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!! Thanks Stila!!

  3. Well aside from the obvious fact that it smells DIVINE, I absolutely love that it's so affordable compared to other high-end department store fragrances.

  4. hooray!! i love creme bouquet as it's the perfect mix is floral and fruity. it's subtle and not overpowering. my fave scent of all time!!

  5. I am sooooo happy that creme bouquet is back!!!! This was my signature fragrance for years. I don't usually like perfume at all, but this smells clean and fresh and I used to get great compliments while wearing it. I hope you decide to bring this back in the full-size spray bottle too. Thank you soooo much for bringing it back!!!

  6. Creme Bouquet is one of the few floral fragrances I can stand...because it's subtle! It's not overpowering and "in your face" flowers.

  7. A friend of mine has this, and I love it! I have asthma and have only found 3 perfumes that do not cause me to have an attack, Creme Bouquet, is one of these 3. I would love to win it, so I can stop bugging my friend to borrow hers.

  8. This fragrance makes me feel feminine and not too overpowering like some other fragrances.

  9. I have liked every Stila product I have tried so far. So, I am looking forward to trying the Creme Bouquet, which has a "10" rating on

    With that rating, and a cult following, how could I go wrong?

  10. I lovvve this perfume and it's the only one I have 2 of hehe I have to have one at home and one in my handbag at all time :) It reminds me of the first time I went to NY with my mam and sister and spent a fortune on Stila stuff hehe LovelyGirlieBits

  11. I like this perfume because is is light and floral. I also like the container it is in. It is sweet and pretty with the delicate flowers. I would like this because the size is small and compact so it can easily fit in a purse. (

  12. I love creme bouquet! The name says it all delicious.What could be better than in coming back into all our lives in a cute roll on i can so coveniently carry in my purse? WINNING IT!(of course)

  13. I would love to win the cream bouquet perfume, as I have been out for a little over a year now. I love the light floral scent. I usually do not wear perfume because I am deathly allergic to bees and I have asthma but this perfume does not attract bees (oddly enough) and is light enough to not irritate my asthma. It's almost iridescent like I'm lying in a field of flowers, dreaming...

  14. OMG! I did a double take when I saw this was back again! I have been wearing it since it came out and when I ran out, I even went on to eBay and paid as much as $90 for one bottle! I still have about 4 empty bottles turned upside down to try and diffuse the scent! This stufff is soo light and pretty!

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