the color wheel look in nude

Nov 25, 2010

the nude makeup look is very popular right now.  it’s not about wearing no makeup.  instead, it’s about wearing the right makeup to enhance your features.  because of this, the look is usually very neutral and understated – perhaps it’s that vibe that allows people to think you aren’t trying to hard when in fact you just made some good makeup decisions.  dominick briguglio did this “nude look” from stila’s holiday color wheel lookbook.  “the shadow plays a key element in the look,” dom explains, “because it brightens her eyes and emphasizes their shape.”  if you focus on enhancing your features in a natural way – like dom suggests with the eye shadow – this look is simple.  in addition, dom also recommends a bronzer to help properly shape and contour your face.

do you need some inspiration for your own nude makeup look?  check out ours below.  it just proves that you can be an artist in any color!

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