pro artist tip of the week - advice to help you choose your foundation shade

Nov 29, 2010

last weekend, as the official holiday shopping season began, we were very busy selling all sorts of products at stila.  obviously everyone had gift giving on their minds.  interestingly though, we seemed to sell quite a bit of foundation – an item you wouldn’t usually consider for a gift.  it appeared that although gifts were a priority, many shoppers were just as concerned about their skin this time of year.  as pro artists we are always excited when we have the opportunity to work with a customer one on one and help them find the perfect foundation.  unfortunately, this is not always the case and we cannot be everywhere at once.  with this is mind we hope these suggestions will help you the next time you are choosing a foundation.

first, match the foundation on your face not your hand.  too often we see people walking around with foundation on their hands assuming it’s a good match.  sadly, your hands are often a different color than your face.  this could result in the wrong color choice.

second, when testing the foundation on your face, the best place to swatch is usually the cheek area.  this is where you typically apply the most foundation and the area of your skin that people notice first when they look at you.

third, in regards to color selection, a foundation isn’t meant to look darker or lighter than your natural skin tone.  instead, choose one that blends best with your skin tone and also corrects the discoloration.

finally, choose a foundation that suits your skin type.  not all foundations are created equal.  for example, if you have dry skin, you will probably like a foundation like stila’s illuminating liquid foundation.  for those with oily or combination skin tones, the natural finish foundation may be a better choice. 

good luck and let us know if you have any questions!

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