so you think you can do makeup?

Nov 11, 2009

a stila-loving update from the fabulous makeup artist (and stila girl) lindsey forrest...

"The cast of Season Five SYTYCD is on tour right now, and they recently stopped in Los Angeles, home of our very own Stila Cosmetics. Jeanine Mason, winner of season five, put me to the test while in Los Angeles, and asked if I would do her makeup before she performed. Jeanine needed beautiful, long wearing makeup that would hold up through the night during all her performances on stage.

Thanks to Stila’s outstanding products, I was able to come through for Jeanine quite easily. I used lots of Black Smudge Pot and Lash Visor Mascara to ensure that Jeanine’s beautiful, sultry eyes would pop while on stage. And, believe me, they did! After the show, Jeanine came up to me with a huge smile, gave me a hug and said, “Look! My makeup stayed!”

Jeanine is the epitome of a Stila girl on and off the dance floor. She is beautiful, talented, smart, and so nice. She said that lately she has been utilizing Stila’s pink glow to brighten her fair complexion, and that she also loves Stila’s Lip Glazes.

Congrats on all of your success Jeanine!"
jeanine mason loves stila!

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