NY Fashion Week!

Sep 8, 2009

During the day...

The Rebecca Minkoff show was amazing! The Stila team rocked the house as always with flawless makeup. I worked this show with Traci, Dom, Jason, Rita, and Viv. The inspiration for the look was the Bob Dylan era - very feminine with a rock and roll twist.

We used Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation and Perfecting Concealer to keep the skin beautiful and clean. The cheek and lip really stood out with orange and persimmon shades. I used Convertible Color in Gladiola and a new Long Wear Lip Color shade in an orange matte color - (look for it this fall!) Eyes were kept sexy and simple with Kajal Eye Liner in Onyx smudged at the lash line. It looked very 60's and felt very June Carter.

After the show, we all had to rush to the Barbie makeup test for the Barbie Fashion Show on Saturday. What a whirlwind day!

The evening hours...

Viv, Traci, Dom, Rita, Danielle, and I arrived to the Barbie makeup test and met up with inspiring Charlotte Tilbury and her team to determine the three looks for the Barbie Fashion Show!

I love working with Charlotte. She is so creative and I have been such a huge fan of her work for so many years.

She created three looks for the show - Past, Present, and Future Barbie.

Past Look:
The first look (Past Barbie) was all about plastic looking skin (!!!) and red lips. We used Stila
Illuminating Liquid Foundation for the face and Stila's new Lip Enamel (coming out this fall) in a classic red color and topped it off with Strawberry Lip Glaze. The eyes for this look were all about the black liner. We used our brand new Stay All Day Liquid Waterproof Liquid Liner - and let me tell you, it does stay all day! It's amazing! (Look for it this fall!)

Present Look:
The Present look was very Barbarella, and so beautiful! This was my personal favorite because it is how I want to look everyday -- glossy clean skin and lots of pink on the cheeks and lips! Again we worked with some of the new products that Sam Cutler from Stila product development team created just for the show. There were lots of lashes and black liner-thank goodness we had a few of the new Eye Liner pens rolling around.

Future Look:
The Future look was so incredible! There were rhinestones, glitter, and feathers all over the place. This look was created by using
Smudge Pots in our new fall shades on the eyes, Stila Sun Bronzer on the cheeks, and Praline Lip Glaze on the lip. The look turned out so remarkable - I loved watching every second of this makeup look created!

All in all, the entire Barbie test was awesome and the team is so pumped up to work the show. Now I am headed back to the hotel to prep my kit for the Lela Rose makeup test on tomorrow.

I love NY Fashion Week!

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