red lips are in! how to find your perfect red

Oct 29, 2009

superstar stila intern lauren schlessinger with a fall trend report:

fall is here and just when you thought it was all about neutral fall colors, classic red lipstick shows up everywhere! it was seen all over the runways of the 2010 spring fashion week in paris, and although they say paris is always ahead of us in trends, it looks like we’re riding right alongside them this time.

it’s all about that ruby red look, and contrary to popular belief, everyone can pull off red lipstick, it just has to have the right undertone for your skin.

how to determine your undertone:

in a natural light, hold a white piece of paper behind your wrist and if your skin looks golden or orange you have a warm undertone. if your skin looks pink or blue then you have a cool undertone.

when looking for a red lipstick, you have to find one with the same undertone as you. test shades on the inside of your wrist and pick the one that looks the nicest. then, voila, you are sporting that classic red lip look!

these stila star products will give you your perfect red:

lip color in dominique ($10 – a $17 value)
SPF 20 shine lip color in pam ($22)
convertible color in poppy ($25)

what do you use to create your perfect red?

[caption id="attachment_933" align="alignleft" width="197" caption="classic red lips are always in fashion!"]classic red lips are always in fashion![/caption]

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