what can sarah teach you????

Jun 24, 2010

have you ever purchased a bunch of new makeup, attempted the application on your own, and succumbed to what can only be described as mere frustration? sometimes makeup seems so simple. yet, often trying new techniques may be as difficult as attempting to be the next picasso.

thanks to modern day technology, these makeup hurdles can easily be overcome with a simple how-to video. stila’s youtube page is a great option for anyone in need of makeup tips and tricks. plus, now you can suggest ideas for future how-to videos. all you have to do is enter your suggestion in the comment section below the video.

start suggesting your ideas now! you can also vote for the idea you like the most. and, at the end of the month, sarah lucero, stila’s celebrity makeup artist will create a how-to video based on the winning suggestion. hurry. there is less than a week left until the month ends. the suggestion with the most votes wins! let us know what sarah can teach you!!

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