Jun 6, 2012

stila fans!  we have an exciting contest for you today.  one lucky winner will get to fill a 4 pan with 4 of their favorite stila eye shadows.  we love our refillable compacts.  they are perfect for customizing your own look.  and they are also a must-have for travel.  enter now for the chance to fill your palette, and make sure to “like” this post to share it with your friends.

comment and tell us what your favorite stila eye shadow combination is.  please include your email address.

**contest ends thursday at midnight.  winner must live in the continental united states.  

54 Responses to FILL your PALETTE!

  1. My favorite Stila eyeshadow combination (and my everyday eye look) is cloud on the lid, rain in the crease, espresso to line, and moonlight on the brow bone.


  2. I do not have a favorite combination as I have yet to try Stila shadows :( But I have heard Kitten is beautiful! If I won I would choose: Kitten, Coco, Mimos, Chinois :)

  3. This is hard! I don't know if I could pick my favorite combination as I love all stila shadows! :)

    I'll go with Poppy and Dune! Both beautiful soft colors, but contrast each other nicely. For the palette I would choose Dune, Oasis, Poppy, and Wheat!

    My email is :)

  4. havent tried any of your eyeshadows but would love to if i had to pick 4 for a pallet they would be kitten, moonlight, mambo, and poppy. i think those color would work perfect for my blue gray eyes!

  5. For an everyday look, I like Wheat up to the brow and Rain on the lid. For more intense color, I like Pigalle and Barefoot Contessa. More colors are more fun! :)

  6. Although I love Kitten, 14 kt , Nude and Cloud, I really want more of the 'smoky-eye' look! So, I am pretty much open to ANY Stila colors that could help me achieve this amazing look! Thanks for chance! Good Luck All! <3

    Kim W.

  7. Honey, Juniper, Breeze, and Nector would be my optimal eye color shades! Your Juniper is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for the give a way!

  8. Hmmm...4 shadows I would pair together and use all the time:
    Barefoot Contessa

    (If you still had Puck, I'd choose that instead of either Golightly or Eden. Please bring it back!)

  9. Amethyst and Rose Quartz have to be my all time favorite Stila eyeshadow.

  10. My favorite combination is Kitten all over the lid and up to the brow bone, a light wash of Jezebel on the lid with Coco in the crease and as eyeliner. My favorite "every day" look!

  11. Definitely would choose kitten, java, diamond lil, & dahlia.

    Favorite combo is kitten all over the lid and java in the crease!

  12. I ♥ Kitten all over lid, Go Ligtly in crease and outer corner, Cloud as highlight and either Espresso or Dahlia wet as liner

  13. From the In The Garden palette I love freesia on the outer corner, crease area and Breeze all over the lid! :-)

  14. My favorite four are kitten, wheat, grace, & diamond lil. These four are great because they are nuetral but also flirty & feminine with a little sparkle.

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