FOUR for FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 11, 2011

happy 11/11/11 stila fans!  it's your lucky day.  today's special FOUR for FRIDAY giveaway is amazing.  win FOUR sparkle waterproof liquid eyeliners.    enter now and "like" this giveaway to share it with your friends.

comment and tell us why you need these eyeliners.  please include your email address.

***contest ends at midnight tonight.  winner must live in the continental united states.  xoxo, stila

92 Responses to FOUR for FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. OMG BORA BORA is my FAVORITE!!!!!! it is what inspired me to use liquid eyeliners again!!!!!!!! would love to win to wear for a bright pop of color!

  2. I need these eyeliners because I don't have these colors! I have one in electric and it is beautiful! Perfect for a cateye look that WOWS!

    Stacey Phillips

  3. I need these because not only are they my favorite shades (blue and purple!) but the will totally add some glam to my brown eyes!

  4. I need them to complement my Vintage 50's dresses, my 1964 cat eye's, and my fake lashes when I feel like being twiggy! Sparkles will add the VA A VOOM I love. STILA liquid liner is the ONLY liner I use because it doesn't get better then that.

  5. I need these liners because A) the colors are amazing (I don't own a blue anything near that PRETTY!!!) B) liner is an essential part of of any makeup routine C) Stila cosmetics ROCK!!! and D) they would be an awesome way to celebrate my new job!!!

  6. I need these eyeliners because I'm almost all out of the one I have :( I <3 Stila eyeliner for my cat eye look that everyone compliments. I always recommend these eyeliners for that look and anyone looking for a great liquid liner!

  7. I need them because I actually only own one liquid eyeliner! I finally decided to try them a few months ago and I'm hooked! Playing with all the colors would be fantastic, especially royal :)

  8. I need these liquid eyeliners to give my eyes the pop of color and i have heard great reviews on these and would love to try it out myself.

  9. I miss using liquid liners! These are perfect for the winter since the cold NJ weather makes my eyes tear up. That's why I need them. :)

  10. I need these eyeliners because it would be a great gift for me, since this Christmas is going to be focused on all the little ones, my fiancé and I arent doing gifts. I would absolutely adore, and treasure these because makeup is my passion and Stila is such an amazing brand!:)

    Good Luck everyone!:)

  11. I need these eyeliners because my favorite stila eyeliner just ran out. Stila is my favorite brand for eyeliner.

  12. i need them because stila is amazing, and anything that is waterproof and sparkly with the stila name on it is amazing [x]a million!!!

  13. I need these eyeliners because I love the quality of stila and I want to use these eyeliners to look pretty and sparkly!

  14. I need these because I've been wanting to try these liquid liners out! :) :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. I need this eyeliner because
    I lost stila eyeliner that I used to wear everyday and I cannot go out without wearing eyeliner from STILA !!!

  16. Most glitter liquid liners tend to burn my eyes however I've NEVER had a problem with Stila liners doing that. Why do I need these liners? I need these liners simply because the colors are FANTASTIC and Stila has a GREAT reputation.

  17. I really, really need, yes NEED these beautiful sparkly Stila water proof eyeliners because I love Stila products and do not have any waterproof liners and because I cry a lot especially when I win something or loose something. Also, these are my colors, I love them.

  18. I need them because I don't/can't spend lots of time putting makeup in the morning. So, I can just sweep it on my eyes and tada! It's quick and it looks gorgeous!A classic black eyeliner is a must for me but I also love using colorful eyeliners depending on my moods or outfit ^_~.

    I l♥ve Stila products because of the quality. Great Giveaway btw! & Keep'em coming!


  19. ~*~*~* I need these because.... I am hideous without the help of Stila products on my face!! :D HOLLA!*~*~*~

  20. I need them because I'm a very busy mama and
    Don't have a lot of time to put on a full face.
    These are fast and makes me appear to look more
    Put together!! Thanks!!

  21. I need these because I have the green one (forgot the name) and I want more. I'd love to have these, esp. the blue and purple ones. So pretty.

  22. I need them because they look fabulous and I have been wanting to try Stila eyeliner (I currently use Urban Decay) and this would be an awesome way to be introduced to the brand! mbsmith1205@hotmail. com

  23. I need these because I would love to add some sparkle to my eyes for the holidays! The lavender color would be great for the day and i love the black to add some sparkle to a night time smokey eye!

  24. Would love to try these products - I have used a lot of Stilas other products- and am looking for a great eyeliner to try...

  25. Every time I go to a make up store, I try these on but there a button the pricey side. In obsessed with liquid liners and love this product!

  26. These would be great to use for party looks during the upcoming holiday season. :]

  27. Sparkle eyeliners!!!! These would be great to wear during the holidays and to give as gifts ♥ ♥ ♥

  28. I forgot to say why I needed these awesome Stila Sparkle Eyeliners - I need them because I wear glasses and colorful eyeliner makes my eyes pop and get noticed through my glasses.

  29. ❤ Besides just down right being in ℒ❤Ṽℰ with them, i desperately need them to make my eyes POP & Look FAB-A-LICIOUS -- which they would do PERFECTLY❣ I have light,crystal blue eyes & purples & blues always make my eyes look G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S, & browns & blacks work for a less Glam look like for work -- but i ALWAYS need an eyeliner to make them a wee DRAMATIC & what better then Stila's Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Liners --NOTHING ❣❣
    ~~ Thank You for Offering this SENSATIONAL Giveaway -- ill be keeping my fingers & toes crossed ~~ *You can email me at*

  30. I need these eyeliners because I can not get enough liquid liner! I don't have anything quite like the blue one. It's like the perfect color. Against my blue eyes, I think it'll be just amazing. Oh my god. Also because I've never tried Stila liners before.

  31. ❤❤ I would love to say a nice thing like that im going to give them as gifts for christmas, BUT NO !!! Im keeping them all for myself if i win & i need need need them to keep up my fabulous sense of style & look & to make my eyes look amazing...just like stila products always do !!
    **I'm Jeanne Roland & you can email me at ** Thanks!!

  32. I need them to add life to my eyes. They look plain boring and dull without an eyeliner. I need one that will last all day and won't smudge or flake at all!

  33. I need these eyeliners because not only do they bring out the gorgeous eyes that we girls have but these eyeliners make me feel more beautiful on days where I'm not feeling too great. University studies have been draining me and these eyeliners bring life back into my face.

  34. I need to have these eyeliners because Stila eyeliners are my favorite and basically the only eyeliners I ever use. They are sleek, have a punch of color and are easy to apply.

  35. Stila is my go to product for basically every cosmetic item I need. Their eyeliners work like magic and it would be awesome to get a pack of four for free. College is draining me of my funds and I haven't been able to go as Stila crazy as I would like.

  36. I need need need these eyeliners because not only are they beyond beautiful but they are my most favorite eyeliners ever. I go through them so quickly because I use them all the time and it would be awesome to have four at once.

  37. I am the hugest fan of Stila and I love sharing things with my friends. It would awesome to win these so I can give two to my friends and get them to understand why I love Stila so much!

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