Nov 8, 2011

win big today.  we are giving away two nail polish sets.  one lucky winner will actually receive 8 nail polishes on this two for tuesday giveaway.  these nail polishes will add a sparkle to anyone's life.  so enter now and "like" this giveaway to share it with your friends.

comment and tell us where you plan on sporting these nail polishes.  please include your email address.

***contest ends at midnight tonight.  winner must live in the continental united states.  good luck!  xoxo, stila

146 Responses to TWO for TUESDAYS!

  1. oh, I would use them for all the holiday parties and celebrations I'll be going to this year!

  2. I would sport them on my toes during the cold NY winter, happy knowing I'm sparkling in my boots! :)

  3. I love changing my nail color every few days! With the holidays coming up, I would show these fabulous colors off at each and every holiday party I attend.

  4. i would wear the deep colors for fancy holiday parties and evening looks, and the light ones for frolicking in the snow =)

  5. I'm going to be sure I have these on my nails when i go to the hospital in a few weeks to give birth to my baby! Gotta feel a little pretty in such a situation, right?

  6. I would wear these to a gala supporting Alzheimers research at my university this December!

  7. I'd sport those anywhere! I change up my nails about every week and with the holidays coming up, those colors would be perfect!

  8. I would wear them just about EVERYWHERE! On a date, to the mall (black friday shopping =]!), to work, to name it, I'd wear them =P!

  9. "Liked" the post on FB!
    I would wear these fabulous nail polishes to an upcoming wedding and holiday parties!!

    Amanda Nguyen

  10. I would wear them all the time. There's not one color that I don't like. Plus these colors would be perfect with my dresses for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

  11. I'd wear the all of those on the different Holidays coming up, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years & Valentine's day & plenty of birthday parties in between those holidays!

  12. These colors are great!! I'd be wearing these when I attend my classes and when I'm working! I'll wear them everywhere!!


  13. I would wear them where, work, holiday even just to stay home. A girl need a little sparkle in her life.

  14. I'd wear them EVERYWHERE.... and keep the shoes open toe'd so I can make 'em jealous!! :)

    Ronni Keller

  15. I would sport them EVERYWHERE! Who says glitter is just for parties and holidays? I think a little glitz and glam is perfect for fun reminders throughout the day at work and also shows everyone that you're fun and glam too!

    - Amanda

  16. i would wear it to all the holiday events coming up then anywhere else u had to go!!!

  17. Glittery nail polish is appropriate everywhere in my life, so I'd wear them everywhere!

  18. I'd wear them, sure, but I'd love to share them as Christmas gifts for all my besties!!

  19. It's perfect for any occasion!
    For me, I l♥ve my nails to be glamorous everyday! Wherein it makes me smile every time I look at it!


  20. I would wear them all the time, everyday! I love glitter and can't get enough of it!!! Thank you for the chance to win some of your amazing products!!! :)

  21. I would wear them all the time. There's not one color that I don't like. Plus these colors would be perfect with my dresses for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

  22. Nails have been my new love in the last two months! Different styles and techniques. Bi weekly polish changes were a bit to commit to at first, but I'm all over it. These will be perfect bases for my upcoming cruise and holiday festivities (and sparkle for New Years then Mardi Gras!!!) What more could a girl ask for :)

  23. I would love to wear the red colour to my works Christmas party. The green one would look lovely with the Stila eye pencil I received in the October glossy box. Email -

  24. I would give them to my friend and her mother to wear in the hospital. My friend's mom was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and they both could use some sparkle to lighten up their lives and her hospital room.

  25. I would definitely wear these on my little tootsies! Peek-a-book pumps and these sparkle-y polishes will look so cute at holiday parties! Eek! :)

  26. I would alternate polish colors every other day so I could try out each color in a timely manner!!! Well.. at least I'd try to change them out that often haha. But I would give them all a test drive for sure!

  27. These polishes will keep me looking festive daily. I would also sport them at all my holiday parties!!

  28. I would sport them during the holidays, to pick up my kids from school, at the grocery store, to college at night, you get the picture right? LOL

  29. Everywhere since they're bound to be eye-catching. I'd wear them to work, school, tanning and hair salon, stores, parties and events!

  30. I'd wear them everyday. Polishes like these make me feel like everyday is special, even if I have nothing to do but housework. I can look at my nails and still smile at the sparkle! Fabulous giveaway!

  31. I would wear them everywhere and have my friends and family wear them too! Sparkle and glitter is what every girl needs! =)


  32. I love these polishes! I'd wear them to work (who doesn't love a little sparkle all day?), running errands (what better way to turn a couple heads than with some glittery nails on a Saturday afternoon?), even to the gym (come on, those free weights look MUCH better with a little sparkle!)...

  33. i plan on wearing them to a south carolina football game! and new years eve of course

  34. I'd sport them everywhere I go. Love painting my nails different colors each week, glitter looks great any time of the year.

  35. I just landed a job teaching English in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. I'm not sure the kingdom will know what to do with all that sparkle ;)

  36. Id wear them when going to do make up for clients, out with friends, to partys, dancing, and everywhere else! I love love love glitter nail polish!

  37. I would wear these for fabulous parties. They are great for the holidays and so festive! I love them all


  38. Thanks for the contest! Love the polishes! I would wear them as little pops of Holiday cheer on my fingers this Christmas and then, I'd rock them all summer on both my fingers and toes to glisten in the sunshine!

    Thanks again!

  39. My daughter would wear them to school and volleyball games. She does all kinds of neat designs and these colors would be perfect for her.

  40. I would wear them as I do all my Xmas shopping. That should take some of the stress out of all the running around.

  41. I will wear them as I do all my Xmas Shopping, talking all the stress out of running around.

  42. I absolutely love these colors! I would wear them everyday; to school, sporting events, parties, and even to get my morning coffee. I would have my nails painted at all times!

  43. I'd where them to school to add a little spark to a dreary school day morning. Also, as a tip, where sparkly nail polish with a matte top coat looks really good and unique.

  44. My best friend's birthday is coming up and i want to look perfectttt for her party!
    after that, they'll look good for everything! they'd definitely jazz up this winter for sure.

  45. i love nail polish! i would wear a sparkly color to work on black friday to brighten my busy day!
    and i would of course wear the gold for my annual new years eve gold and silver party!

  46. I would wear them to work, school, holiday parties, date night, everywhere. I change polish twice a week and would love to try these.

    scarter305 at aol dot com

  47. I would sport them at my daughters school where I volunteer 2 days a week. ekontra @

  48. I would sport these polishes to this years holiday/Christmas parties and get togethers with the family.

  49. i'd sport them all everywhere but i know i'd definitely sport the red ones at upcoming holiday parties!

  50. I'd totally rock them as a day to night look. Day for a little pizzaz and night to completely bring out the holiday cheer :) For work AND play!!

  51. I would sport them everywhere I went, from Manhattan to the Jersey Shore.

    kathleen.lordelo @

    *Wasn't sure if you meant EST or PST...

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