5 things to do with all over shimmer

May 10, 2012

we are in LOVE with our new all of shimmer liquid luminizers.  these beautiful liquid highlighters are a must-have for any makeup bag.  make the most of them with these multi-tasking secrets....

1. mix all over shimmer with your favorite lip and cheek stain.  this is a subtle, natural way to add shimmer to your cheeks without looking overdone.

2. use all over shimmer to highlight your eyes.  dab the liquid on the ball of your eyes and the inner well to make them look bigger.

3. add a drop of all over shimmer to your favorite foundation.  this is an easy way to transform your foundation and make your skin glow.

4. mix all over shimmer with your body lotion to make your skin look smoother and sexier for a special occasion.  this trick works wonders on the red carpet :)

5. apply all over shimmer on the cheekbones with a foundation brush to enhance your features and slim your face.

happy highlighting!  xoxo, stila

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  1. All of shimmer liquid luminizers can be used along with any other product applied to your eyelids, cheeks, lips, and all the other parts of the body good for applying makeup on. It helps make your skin glow during special occasions to make it look sexier and elegant. There are numerous ways of using the product including the ones mentioned in the article.

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