May 23, 2012

listen up stila fans.  we have an amazing contest today.  one lucky fan is going to win their very own palette in today's "PICK your PALETTE" contest.  the winner will select one of these best selling palettes - in the light, in the garden, or in the moment.  so enter now to choose your palette.  and don't forget to "like" this post to share it with your friends.

comment and tell us what stila palette is your all time favorite.  don't forget to include your email address.

***contest ends at midnight tonight.  winner must live in the continental united states.  good luck.  xoxo, stila

134 Responses to PICK your PALETTE!

  1. I love the "In the moment" palette. This palette can simply go from a day look to night look easily! :)

  2. oooo I really like the "In the moment" palette!! I like the neutral color because it can go with anything. ^^


  3. Would love the in the garden palette, I have the in the moment one and I love it!


  4. I would absolutely love the "in the garden" palette. I've been wanting it for awhile, especially that eyeliner that comes with it (I wish it was sold full size). This palette would be perfect for a Spring wedding in a garden :) :) :) :) :)


  5. My favorite is the "in the light" palette because I love all the colors and can use it everyday.

  6. I love the in the light palette. Those colors are gorgeous!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I haven't tried any of these palettes yet but I'd love to try "In the Moment". One of my favorite all-time Stila palettes is Bouquet du Jour in Jade Blossom. Thanks!

  8. I love the "In the Moment" Palette. I think it's the most flattering for Brown eyes which is what I have ;-)



  9. I'm loving "In the Moment" Palette. It's gorgeous and I love all the color choices! Perfect for brown eyes like mine. :D

  10. I love 'In the Light' palette because it can go from daytime eyes to nighttime eyes.
    CaSandra Monica

  11. In the moment is so incredibly beautiful. It would be a dream to have the opportunity to show off these fabulous colors!!!


  12. I absolutely adore "In the Garden." I literally find myself reaching for it everyday and it is undoubtedly a staple in my makeup routine. The colors have a buttery soft texture and don't fade even after several hours of wear time. Another plus is the color selection; some neutrals mixed with some more brazen colors makes it so easy to transition a look from day to night. Thank you so much for the great products you guys continue to provide. - A loyal fan, Arianna

  13. The "in the Moment" palette is gorgeous! I love that all of the colors can be used for everyday wear.


  14. I love the "in the garden" pallette. I have hazel eyes, so I think this would bring out the green shades in my eyes nicely. It was a tough choice though - I really like the "in the light" pallette too. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these!

  15. I have in the Garden and I fell in love with the colors. They're soft and pigmented just enough that they can go from day to night with just a few swipes to deepen it. The greens in it are just perfect and wearable. I love wearing greens but have had trouble finding ones that don't make my skin look like it's molting. In the Garden solves that problem-plus the darker colors make a great eye liner.


  16. I love the "in the light" palette! I am very fair-skinned with grey-blue eyes and the "in the light" shades compliment my complexion perfectly! The colors are pretty neutral with the perfect pop of color, making it the ideal palette for me!

  17. In the light is absolutely my go-to palette! The colors are so versatile and look great on EVERYONE! Perfect to pair with my favorite lip glaze & custom color blush :)

  18. Hard to choose: I still have 3 of the ones that look like big matchbooks. I also loooove a slim metal one that has 6 pastels, one of each of the primary colors. The colors in all of them work as well today as the day I got them-- there is just a lot less left in each pan!

  19. I like the In the Moment palette! It looks really pretty. As for my fave Stila palette of all time...it would probably have to be Precious Pearl, a Spring staple!


  20. I own a few Stila palettes, and my favorite so far is the "Dream in full color' palette. First off, the design is amazing, and the inside is packed with a little bit of everything shadow/blush-wise! If I had the opportunity to try one of the three 'pick your own palettes' I would definitely choose 'In the Garden'! I love the pretty botanical inspired colors, and espcially the pop of color from "Freesia","Rosette" &"Juniper"! I've been wanting to try 'In the Garden' for a while now!


  21. I love ALL Stila products! To pick just one would be so difficult. However I do believe "In The Moment" is my favorite right now. I love the pigments & long lasting wearability of the shadows.

  22. Hi Stila!

    My favorite palette of all the times is "Make an Impression in Moscow." I never, tried neither of the palette you giveaways but if I do win, I would love the "In the Light" one.


  23. In the moment pallet is the best.Favorite because, it includes very natural shades. So Pruty and glowy.

  24. "in the moment!"...it carries you from day to night!...perfect for brown eyes <3
    email: systems_r_go@yahoo.com

  25. I love the "In The Light" palette. The colors are perfect and can be worn year round.


  26. I'd love to win the "in the garden" palette... but my fave all-time from Stila (and this is really going to date me!) is the Confections for Eyes palette. I also really, really miss the old "color stories" that Stila would have, with three or four variations of palettes that were all similarly packaged, like the Fierce Femme collection, for instance. Those were the good ol' days!

  27. My favorite is In The Light palette. There are so many ways to use it and can be worn day or night. I also live the Smudgestick that's included.

  28. It's hard to choose between in the light and in the garden, they're both so pretty!

    Darrickw22@ hotmail.com

  29. My daughter and I just LOVE Stila! I wish I could afford everything you have, but we are struggling, so it's a real treat when I am able to bring a special Stila gift home...the smile on her face makes my world so bright! And your In the Moment would be something we could enjoy together (I'm being selfish, she is more In the Garden and I should try just for her and not myself at all!). Thank you so much for the chance to own one of your beautiful palettes! Kerry & Leah kal3sky@aol.com

  30. Absolutely love "In the moment". Beautiful set of colors, Perfectl for my skin tone!

  31. I would so love to have the "In the moment" Palette! I would be the happiest girl ever!


  32. Love stila makeup! Pick me! I just got a really nice tank top that would go with "In the moment" palette! Perfect match! Its meant to be!

  33. Love stila makeup! Pick me! I just got a really nice tank top that would go with "In the moment" palette! Perfect match! Its meant to be!


  34. I really like in the moment palette! but I think I would go with in the garden one because it has really unique colors when you really look at it!. smilecusiluvu@live.com

  35. I love the In the Moment palette, but my favorite of all time is the Marakesh quad! heathergrw@hotmail.com

  36. I own "In the Moment" and I love it!! I would love to win "In the Light" because it also has beautiful colors. All your products are fantastic and stay all day, love you guys!!!

  37. I like in the moment eyeshadow pallete b/c it looks perfect for a great smokey eye look. All the colors look like they go together nicely. Great for traveling since all u need is this pallete alone. yluna70@gmail.com

  38. I love in the in the light palette because the colors are a good a good array of lighter colors that a complimentary to summer time! Thank you for the chance to win :)


  39. In the Light would work best on me, but they are all beautiful colors. Love Stila! schoenbachler@insightbb.com

  40. They are all so inviting...IN THE LIGHT is my choice....
    Thank you STILLA for your amazing cosmetics!

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