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Feb 10, 2012

during fashion week the term "creative" takes on an entire new meaning.  in the hustle and bustle backstage, we have done just about anything to create the PERFECT look!  and one thing we do often is mix products.  mixing can create the ideal look or save time - depending on what we need at the moment.  while you might not be backstage with us, it's easy to add some creativity to your makeup.  and we thought the best place to begin was with our new beauty balm.  here are some tips for making this product work in nearly all scenarios...

-mix beauty balm with foundation or tinted moisturizer.  this is great if you are in a hurry or looking for a less steps with a similar result.

-use beauty balm as a finishing touch to fine tune your skin.  sometimes applying it last - where needed - can create that flawless finish you are looking for.

-mix beauty balm with one step correct if you want a little glow to the skin, but still want the HD effects.

-layer beauty balm.  this can build coverage and create airbrushed looking skin.  start small and build the product.

***the idea is to think outside of the box and remember that makeup is as individual as your signature...   
xoxo, stila

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