Feb 7, 2012

today's TWO for TUESDAYS giveaway celebrates one of our favorite holidays just around the corner. are you prepared for valentine's day? you could be with these two holiday appropriate products - "love at first blush" palette and yumberry crush. both will ensure that you look radiant on valentine's day! enter now to win and "like" this post to share it with your friends.

comment and tell us what your favorite stila blush is - new or old. please include your email address.

***winner must live in the continental united states. contest ends at midnight. xoxo, stila

87 Responses to TWO for TUESDAYS!

  1. Hello Stila,

    My favorite Stila blush is the one that comes with "Make an Impression in Moscow" palette. It is called Lily.


  2. I don't usually wear blush but this looks like the perfect way to start! :-)

  3. Stila lip & cheek stains are the best liquid blushes, ever! I love "yumberry" and would love to try "love at first blush." ( @not2haute on Twitter )

  4. My favorite stila blush is the custom color blush in coral! its pigmented and blends so well against my skin :)

  5. OMG! I want these soooo bad!!!! I saw the "love at first blush" somewhere and I thought to myself omg I have to have that! It just looks like the most beautiful glowy pink!!! Ahh!!

    Ok, so my favorite stila blush is a limited edition one called, Make me Blush. Omg! I love it! It is the perfect corally color with a touch of glow :)

  6. I love the Custom Color blush because of the way it adjusts to give just the right color to wake up your whole face. I'd love to be able to try the Love at First Blush color, too!

  7. My favorite Stila blush is the love at first blush palette because I love how pretty the three pink colors are!

  8. My favorite stila blush is probably the convertible color, in Lillium. But I also like the lip & cheek stains (I have Coconut Crush, but I'd *LOVE* to be able to try Yumberry!)


  9. My fav blush is baked cheek duo in pink glow. Love, love, love this bush. Infact, I need more and your website is sold out! I was just thinking I would try something new...the blush in the giveaway may be just the product ;-)

  10. I don't know the name because it wore off but it is a dark pink convertible color. Very pretty on my olive skin.

  11. Ive actually never tried the blushes but id love to try the love at first blush!

  12. My favorite Stila blush is from the Legally Blonde 2 (cool) pallete from years ago. It's a nice pop of pink without overdoing it!

  13. Hi Stila,
    I love the idea of your convertible color,they are so easy to apply. I collected the travel palettes,and i love all blushes that come with,I usually do the monochromatic look as suggested and it gives me the glow i needed!
    This may be a good time for me to try the new blusher,very Valentines day indeed!

  14. I have dangerously fair skin, so most things have a tendency to look like war paint on my cheeks. I better apply spraringly or the only dance I'm gonna go to is a pow-wow! This all changed a few months ago when I discovered your custom color blush in pink. I read the reviews online, lusted after it for a while, and finally bought it at an Ulta store. My mom couldn't help but giggle at the site of the shocking pink. A step backwards? I still had faith, and after a swirl of my blush brush and an application on both sides, my faith was rewarded; I was in blush-faced heaven!The crazy pink color faded into an amazingly natural look that made me appear as though I had just stepped out from a wintery Moscow wonderland. Stila stole my heart for all things eye shadow, and now, I must confess, it will be a hard thing to keep me from drooling all over your line of blushes. They work wonders.

  15. Love love love the custom color blushes. They don't get "dark" or turn a funky color midway through the day. They stay EXACTLY how they are at 5 am when I put my makeup on. :) Thanks so much. sczosnek at gmail dot com

  16. My favorite is the the Custom Color - in both the original and coral shades :-) They really do blend into your skin turn into the perfect color just for you :-)

  17. My favorite is the convertible color that came with the Aspen travel palette.

  18. My favorite Stila blush is the baked cheek duo:pink glow - gives the cheek such an exquisite color!!

    Amanda Nguyen

  19. I am absolutely head over heels for the convertible color in Lillium. Only blush that seems to do wonders for me :) <3

  20. actually i have 2 cumstom coral for a warming effect and custom pink for my cool colors and I have mixed the 2 together for a third blush that i call sugar cheek. The pigmentation in all Stila cosmetics is very high resulting in true color which accents the face wonderfully~

  21. I still haven't tried a Stila blush, but this looks like a perfect introduction!


  22. My ULTIMATE FAV & must-have is the garden bliss all over shimmer powder as well as the Baked cheek duo (pink glow) ^.^

  23. 100% Custom Color Blush in Self-Adjusting Pink, I am super fair and I love the idea of using this bright color that gives me a realistic flushed appearance. I wear it almost every day, and even if it's not that day's choice, the apples gets a fluff before I go out the door.
    rachel.clyne @

  24. Convertible color in Gerbera! It's such a beautiful nice muted peach/pink. Perfect for everyday use.

  25. My fav blush is from stila the custom blush in coral its super nice love that color :-)

  26. I love Fade blush! It's the perfect soft peach, so flattering on fair skin. I also love Heat (a wonderful red tone which goes great with red lips and cat-eye makeup), Clay, and Raspberry!

  27. My favourire Stila blush is custom color blush in coral. It is beautiful and blendable. But i am always looking for a new favourite!


  28. don't own any stila blushes, but i love using stila's crush lip & cheek stain in mango. :]


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