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  1. Tips for glowing skin: eat a balanced diet, drink lot of water, wear sunscreen daily, and use an illuminating facial liquid or powder to give your skin that glow of youth and health.
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  2. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! I use a GENTLE exfoliator every few nights on my face and I dry brush my body to help keep me glowing from head to toe!

  3. Drink lots of water, eat healthy, use spf daily, moisturize eye area night and day...and do weekly masks of yogurt and honey!


  4. Drink alot of water, avoid the sun and get a good nights sleep.Then use Stila products to bring out even more beauty.


  5. I liked this post. amy bolda pugmire
    I always use sunscreen before I apply my foundation or powder, It help it stay on longer and also keeps your skin protected. amypugmire@live.com

  6. My tip for glowing skin is a facial mask of egg whites and honey. Always drink tons of water and NEVER forget to wash your make up off every night. Exfoliate at least twice a week!


  7. My tips for glowing skin - healthy diet, exercise in a fresh air, dayly balanced skin care routine, exfoliate with BHA or AHA, hydration, drink plenty of water and of course use highlighter/illuminator/luminizer in certain areas of the face(liquid, powder or gel form depending on your skin type). I love Stila`s illuminating tinted moisturizer and woul like to try One step correct! Thank you!


    I live in USA (but it is russian email but i will get your email with no problem)

  8. I eat lots of veggies, protein, drink lots of water and make sure I wash and moisturize my face each night to keep it glowing!

  9. Slice an orange in half, dip it in sugar and apply to face, leave on for 15 mins or so... AND THERE YOU GO! =)

  10. Water, of course! Keeping that in mind, I am looking for that miracle product- hopefully tis pair is it!


  11. Exfoliate, use toner, moisturize, use primer under makeup. Also, eating fruits and vegatables and drink lots of water every day! Snowbunny_909@yahoo.com

  12. We all know water, a healthy diet, plenty of sleep, and cleansing/exfoliating/moisturizing are great! I am complimented constantly on my "dewy" and fresh look and often asked how I achieve it. It's simple really! For glowing skin I do the following. Every night before bed, I massage a few drops of lavender oil or sweet almond oil into the apples of my cheeks, and run my fingers across my forehead and jawline. The lavender oil works to reduce redness and helps calm skin, and neither will cause a breakout!


  13. Glowing skin? Exfoliate 1-2 times a week, moisturize, use a weekly mask and find makeup that benefits your skin, rather than harm it with chemicals. And of course, get plenty of rest. ^_^ mrssfrances@gmail.com

  14. Exfoliate regularly. Eat lots of veggies and drink a lot of water. Apply illuminating tinted moisturizer and some kitten shimmer on cheek bones. Finish with the mineral blush duo- you will be glowing all day long! LOVE STILA!!

  15. I think a healthy diet is key, but you can't forget the moisturizer!I like that Stila's tinted moisturizer gives off that au natural look! Protection & the perfect amount of glow :)

  16. My Tips:

    1. Diligent removal of all make-up before hitting the pillow
    2. Moisturization


  17. Eat a well balanced meals,drink lots of water! Exfoliate once a week & wear sunscreen! Never Ever Sleep with Make-Up on!

  18. Enjoy life! A smile always helps! I always use the tinted moisturizer too! LOVE STILA

  19. Lots of water, lots of sleep, exercise, eat close to the earth, moisturize and inner peace. Irened65@yahoo.com

  20. I am an avid one step correct user. I looooove it! And it totally helps to make your face radiant. I really want to try to the illuminating moisturizer! Please pick me!

  21. I exfoliate twice a week with St. Ive's Apricot Scrub and I use Josie Maran's Argan Oil every day. It makes me skin dewy, gorgeous and glowing! lfirsch@Hotmail.com

  22. Sleep, exercise, regular exfoliation, hydration internally and externally (especially serums with hyaluronic acid), dotting an illuminator (like Stila's Illuminating Tint)
    high on the cheekbones then adding a cream blush (Love Camelia Convertible color) and gloss!


  23. nothing gets your skin glowing nicer than a good kissing session with your sweets, even if you are married for 15+ years :D

  24. I personally believe to achieve healthy skin you have to wear sunscreen even if the sun isn't out. Keep skin routine simple and make sure you stick with this routine and make sure you don't use too many products on the face. Eat healthy and remember to drink water even if it's tab or from a bottle, it doesn't make a difference as long as your skin feels hydrated.

  25. What works for me:
    Lots of Water - I drink close to 100 oz. daily
    Exercise - for a natural glow
    Clean Eating - get rid of the junk and you'll skin will thank you.
    Sunscreen - I use a tinted moisturizer with SPF 30
    A Good Moisturizer - Splurge and get a High quality one that works for your skin
    De-Stress - find some time to relax and let go of Life's problems.


  26. Staying hydrated with lots of water, avoiding processed foods (especially sugar), and performing regular exfoliation are things I do to keep my skin glowing.

  27. Eat clean, exercise, and lots of water! Does wonders for everything, not just your skin!


  28. i love cetaphil! it takes off all of my makeup but isnt harsh on my sensitive skin-especially when my skin is being naughty and breaks out! i use it every other day at least:)


  29. For healthy, glowing skin I eat right, drink lots of water and use sunscreen.


    Thanks for a great contest! Happy Tuesday!

  30. Lots of water, omega 3s, sunscreen, and exfoliation. Keeping the makeup sheer so that your skin shows through helps too!

  31. Eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of pure water, and getting plenty of sleep keeps my skin glowing (tinytina3@verizon.net).

  32. I use a really inexpensive loose powder bronzer by bonne belle and I use a really pearle tan shadow on my cheek bones


  33. I tend to wash my face twice a day. Exfoliate in the morning and then using a mild cleanser at night. At night I also love using overnight face masks packed with vitamin E. It keeps the skin hydrated and beautiful and your skin feels and looks great in the morning.


  34. I take vitamins, apply serum twice daily and I wear a beauty balm EVERYDAY. One Step Correct and Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer sound perfect for my routine. - not2haute@hotmail.com

  35. Stay hydrated by drinking water and wash off all makeup before bed time. Also always wear sun screen, all year round.

  36. In order to keep my skin glowing i make sure to stay hydrated, take my vitamins, and use my SPF daily. Also, i make sure to keep my face clean, especially before bed, and i try to get a good sweat going a couple times a week. When i need a little extra help, i use a highlighter powder or creme (depending on the function and season) with my makeup and moisturizer.

    Email: jahneen80@yahoo.com


  37. I always drink plent of water! And I always use a moiturizer and sometimes I add a tiny bit of Vaseline for an added glow.


  38. For glowing skin, avoid eating anything that’s too sweet, fatty or greasy, but do eat lots of fruits and vegetables. And if you're not so good at avoiding the bad, wear Stilla One Step Correct!


  39. Hi Stila,

    For an illuminating skin effect, I use a highlighting shade of shadow or a blush and apply it on my cheekbones and the bridge of the nose. This technique makes any skin type look glowing!

    Thanks for an opportunity!


  40. My secret for glowing skin is staying well hydrated, protecting it from the sun and elements, healthy nutrition and exercise, keeping it clean & last but not least - a great moisturizer! ;o)

  41. My routine is wash face daily, moisturize with SPF in the morning, moisturize with an anti-wrinkle product in the evening, under eye moisturizer, and use a scrub/peel weekly. I use makeup with SPF in it. Drink lots of water, get plenty of quality sleep, exercise daily, and eat healthy. witseyna@gmail.com

  42. Glowing skin? Omega-3s! Water! Sensitive daily face wash! Regular facial peels by an awesome aesthetician! Gooooood makeup, like Stila cosmetics only for your face. A great highlighting cream for apples of cheeks and bridge of nose always makes me look fresh and young. As always, Moisturize daily with high SPF!!

  43. Of course all the usual stuff - drink lots of water, get enough sleep (good luck with that one), and moisturize and moisturize again! I would LOVE to try the tinted moisturizer you are offering. I cannot seem to find a daily foundation/powder/illuminator that I like, because I do not like the heavy feeling of them. Maybe this is the one for me!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win these items!

  44. For radiant, glowing skin I exfoliate regularly and moisturize twice a day as well as drink lots of water. Dehydrated skin enhances the appearance of fine lines and makes skin look dull so it's extremely important to stay hydrated.


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