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Mar 1, 2012

meet our pittsburgh sales and artistry executive stephanie schuler!  in addition to her time as a talented pro makeup artist, stephanie is also a mother of 3.  she has passion for the life and has learned to find balance with a busy work and travel schedule – such a feat!  stephanie meets several stila fans each day in various parts of the country. if you haven’t met her yet, read the q&a below and learn how she manages a busy city life on the go.

tell us about yourself.
i’m a single mom, a complete multi-task, and am constantly juggling many balls at one time.  i'm happy and always smiling – i just really love life.  i also absolutely LOVE the cosmetic industry.  i started in this biz as a traveling makeup artist for estee lauder 13 years ago.

how do you manage everything you do as a mother and a makeup artist?
my work life and home life is somewhat of a dichotomy.  i think you can enjoy both (and i do!)  i have 3 kiddos – 2 boys and my lil beautiful baby girl!  my babes are the love of my life.  they inspire me everyday.  in addition to my kids, i relish anything and everything that helps accentuate ones own exterior – aka beauty products!

describe your makeup routine.
i have 2 standard looks – my “work look” and my “off work look”.  while my “work look” changes with the trends, my “off work look” is minimalist.  also, i try to keep my makeup time to 5 minutes or less.  my children have helped me become efficient with my time. and i really feel you can achieve amazing looks with a few products each morning.

you travel for work.  does this affect your “work look”?
yes.  factors like cold weather and wind change my makeup.  in these conditions, i will use hydrating products like illuminating liquid foundation and long wear lip color

how would you compare your makeup style to the clients you work with each day?
as a makeup artist, i feel the need to keep current on everything to keep up with my versatile clients.  however, makeup also tends to be pretty consistent with age.  this makes it easy to assess a clients likes, dislikes, and needs. 

what advice do you give to everyone – no matter who they are?
i love to quote one of my favorite authors.  he said, “what you think of me, is none of my business."  i LOVE it!  i may never get out of bed if i worried about what other people might think of me!  and i think it’s a good perspective for anyone to have.

is there one thing you love most about the beauty industry?
i love seeing the transformations from when people first walk into a store to the finale when they leave.  they leave with an extra bounce in their step.  makeup helps them to stand taller and look more confident.  this is a radiance that comes from within. 

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