what to remember when choosing a foundation

Mar 12, 2012

choosing a foundation doesn't have to be overwhelming.  for help, listen to these suggestions for a perfect selection every time...

coverage. start by determining how much coverage you are looking for.  this will determine whether you need a lightweight tinted moisturizer or a fuller coverage using foundation, concealer, and powder.

finish.  next determine the finish you want - sheer, illuminating, matte, dewy, etc.?  keep in mind that powder will help anything look more matte.

lifestyle. when choosing a foundation, assess your lifestyle.  are you the type to spend 30 minutes in the mirror perfecting your look?  or, do you like to apply quickly and go?  neither is wrong.  however, certain products may be more suitable.

color. finally, make sure to select the best color for your skin.  start by testing a few shades on your cheeks to determine what looks best.  the right foundation will blend into your skin and look natural.

good luck!  xoxo, stila

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