Mar 6, 2012

drum roll please.... today's giveaway features two amazing red carpet products.  enter now to win a lip glaze trio and the bring out your glam palette - must haves for any red carpet occasion!

comment and tell us what product you can't live without on a special occasion.  please include your email address.

***contest ends at midnight.  winner must live in the continental united states.  xoxo, stila

150 Responses to TWO for TUESDAYS!

  1. On a special occasion i usually have full face makeup and always keep Stila`s lip glaze handy because it adds shine and stays on! (i live in USA)

  2. I cant live without a really good bronzer, for that shimmery look all year round!!!

  3. I never walk out the door without a little concealer and a coat of mascara!

  4. My go to lipstick for anytime of day or night is Stila Luce! Too bad you stopped making it and i have to get it from ebay, but still! it is my favorite!'

  5. A liptain, of course Stila's. Especially after kissing the hubby ;) Laura Monaco

  6. Stila's Tinted, love, love! Topped of with some Kitten gloss! GORG!!!

  7. If I had to choose just 1 thing, and the event is during the day, I have to choose sunscreen. If the special occasion is in the evening, I choose mascara.

  8. I couldn't go without mascara for a special event. For me it really brings together my look even when it's the only makeup I'm wearing. It makes my eyes look much bigger.

  9. I can't live without color on my lips. It can change your whole face & makes you look beautifully finished! Fingers crossed I win! :D

  10. Monmartre eyeshadow palette. I love makeup and this is my absolute favorite!!! Wear it as is, or add some black for smokey eye and it's gorgeous either way.

  11. Definitely can't live without mascara! I'd probably die without it ANY time.

  12. I love smudge pots for a special occasion because they make it easy to get a dramatic, smoky look OR a clean, crisp line for a cat-eye look.

  13. Well,a s a redhead, on a good skin day- it will defiantly be my mascara,
    on a bad skin day- my concealer!

    But I'm ready to be proven wrong with these lip glazes and glam platter ;)

  14. I can not live without Stila's Stay All Day Liquid eyeliner! An absolute must have, also you never have to touch it up! Love it!

  15. Actually, the thing I cannot do without for a special occasion is fragrance! I absolutely love your Creme Bouquet perfume - I'm so glad you've made it available again to us fans!

  16. A fabulous foundation to conceal flaws, wrinkles and the like! I am hopeful, Fingers crossed!

  17. Now that I've been introduced to your hydrating primer, I could NEVER be without that product. I love how it smells, too!

  18. For a special occasion. Always have to have the perfect mascara, perfect eyebrow an eyeliner and my lips with a perfect gloss!

  19. cant live without the STILA one step (kitten) cause i can use it on my lips and cheeks ........... purrrr

  20. I can't be without my custom color blush both pink and peach... I LOVE!! And mascara... the two things I must have on before walking out the door. Mascara opens up my eyes and the blush gives me that healthy color to my cheeks. I always get compliments from people with just these two makeup must haves!!:) xoxo

  21. Love lip gloss makes your lips sooo sexy and these stila lip glosses actually make your lips hydrated and stay on for awhile:)!!

  22. I can't live without my In The Light pallet my sister bought me for my birthday, I have used it literally everyday since I've gotten it last May!

  23. I can't live without BLUSH! Peachy pink is my favorite shade. It gives you a natural, healthy look that my pale skin loves!

  24. Although it is a drugstore buy I love my loose bronzer powder by bonne belle it really gives a radiant glow

  25. Can't live without my primers!!!! Makes everything better, and last longer. Sometimes I wear only primer on my face. Bobbie Crippen on FaceBook Bcript on Twitter

  26. a special occaision cannot go with out the stay all day 10-in-1 HD beauty balm. It gives me confidence that my skin will look flawless and that my makeup will last the whole night!

  27. I absolutely cannor live without new lip glosses all the time since I reapply them throughout each day over and over again!

  28. The perfect red lip, flawless foundation and black winged liner.

    xstefaniesnyderx AT hotmail DOT com

  29. For special occasions, a boldly colored lip gloss--like Lip Glaze in Cranberry!

  30. I had to have my Stila smudge stick waterproof eye liner in stingray for my wedding. My mother in law did my makeup (she's a makeup artist), and I absolutely loved my makeup in all my pictures! Thanks for making me feel like a princess once again, Stila!

  31. I cannot live without the Stila eyeshadow, color "kitten" its the perfect base color an lasts all day, and all night ;)

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