it's a crime not to prime!

Mar 5, 2012

stila fans!  great looking skin is completely obtainable - especially with the plethora of products available.  and a primer is one product that can help anyone's skin look better.  find the right primer for your skin below.  remember, it's a crime not to prime!

one step correct. for balanced, healthy looking skin use one step correct.  we love that this primer balances the skin, controls oil, and color corrects with one pump.  it is the perfect prep for foundation and will definitely provide that pick-me-up in no time.

beauty balm.  do you want flawless, airbrushed, matte skin?  simply apply the beauty balm before foundation.  it smoothes out the skin instantly and diminishes redness.  plus it wears all day!

hydrating primer.  if your skin is dry, then hydrating primer is the boost you're looking for.  this lightweight product provides nourishment to the skin and creates a dewy finish.  we love using this on distressed skin.  even better - it contains an spf 30!

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