Feb 21, 2012

at stila we love a good cat eye!  if you do too, then enter today's giveaway to win the BEST brown and black eyeliners - stay all day liquid eyeliners.  these gems glide on in a hurry and don't budge. plus they allow anyone (novice or pro) to create the perfect line every time.  enter now and "like" this post to share it with your friends.

comment and tell us what lip color you prefer with a cat eye.  do you like dark lips, nude lips, or something in between?  please include your email address.

***contest ends at midnight.  winner must live in the continental united states.  xoxo, stila

147 Responses to TWO for TUESDAYS!

  1. With a cateye, I prefer a nude pink lip. Creates a mod look that is one of my faves.

  2. I do nude or clear gloss lips with cateye, as someone who is very fair skinned, I think this suits me best. latta1212 at yahoo dot com

  3. OOOH! It depends, for a night out, I love a bold red lip with a fierce black wing liner. For daytime I like a nude lip with chapstick or gloss only and a winged eyeliner!

  4. I like a variety of colors to eyeliner cat-eye as long as the rest of my face isn't over the top.. You know minimal blush & somewhere in between nude & pink - kind of like my lips, but better look :)

  5. I love a bold cherry red lip with a cat eye! And the stay all day liner pen is my absolute holy grail of liners.

  6. I love a cat eye with dramatic red lips and falsies these three combinations makes me feel sexy and mysterious.

  7. I sure wish I could figure out how to cat eye on my lids... my crease goes down below the corners, so I've got a very deep crease and a fold to deal with. I think red looks best, but I like old fashioned makeup a lot. applefaerie at gmail dot com

  8. Depending if it's a thick or thin cat eye, I usually like a pinkish-red lip! I like the bit of pin-up look ;D lol =)

  9. I defnitely like to wing my eyeliner from time to time, or if I'm in the mood for something funky and retro I wing my eyeliner down. Not to mush just a tad, and always pairing it with Baby pink lips :)

    Angie Salgado

  10. I prefer nude with gloss or one shade darker than my lip color with a cat eye.

  11. I like bright warm tone red lips.
    It brightens my skin, which makes the perfect contrast to the black eye liner.

  12. Cherry red lips with a cateye. Creates drama yet is also classy and elegant when neatly applied.

  13. I love a thin cat eye with a nude or pale pink lip and adore a thick cat eye with a rich red lip.

  14. It depends if its a smokey eye I like nude glosses if i do the cat eye with light shadow than a darker shade looks better

  15. I like the pale lips AND full bold color lips with my cat eyes. I tend to lean more towards a bold color

  16. With cat eyes, I love to pair it with red matte lips for a retro look.

  17. With cat eye look i prefer classic red lip (for a more formal event or soft nude lip for an easy but modern everyday look...

  18. Sometimes I wear a deep red wine color(burgundy) when I'm feeling like a DIVA! and sometimes I use a nude color e.g. Stila Lip stain (IN the nude, when I want that schoolgirl look.

  19. Nude. You can't go wrong with Nude colour lips with cat eye look. I use the Stilla All Day Wear liner Only! I love it!

    Mandy (Portland, OR)

  20. i think a red lip is gorgeous with a cat eye, however some women aren't comfortable being that bold. if not pairing it with something that's a single shade darker than your natural lip color looks stunning.

  21. During the day I love to pair up my black winged liner with nude lips preferably with a hint of pink. Night time I usually do a dramatic wing with pink cheeks and a nice glam pink... can't go wrong with this classic look which ever way you go.

  22. For the day I love to pair a cat eye with a nude lip and for that gothic/sultry nighttime look absolutely a dark lip!

  23. i like my cat eye with nude lips draw the attention to my eyes love thick liner !!

  24. i like to keep the rest of my face simple when i wear a cat eye! nude lips, fresh face and cheeks :)

    mulberriesdream at gmail dot com

  25. it depends, for a day look i would prefer a nude color but for night time i would prob go with a Scarlett red.

  26. black cat eye with hot pink lips if im going out or brown cat eye with nude lip or just light gloss i.e) My Stila lip glaze in Bubblegum for day :)

  27. cool, bright pink gloss, lots of mascara and a black winged tip is my favorite. For a fun night, I'll do DARK plum lips with a thin cat eye! cat_356 @

  28. I wear cat eye with nude-light pink lips for work, red lips for a night out :)

  29. I love nude lips! A smokey eye always looks better with nude lips in my opinion :-)

  30. I love the cat eye with Stila's charming lip liner and kitten shimmer gloss over it! Be-u-ti-ful! I also love the seashell lip glaze but it only came with a set and you cant get it anymore. Please make it in full size Stila PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!

  31. I love bright lips with cat eyes. I pair coral lips with golden bronze shadow or apricot lips with pewtered green shadow. - @not2haute on Twitter -

  32. I would pair it with a nude or bright lip. like a bright pink or coral, and a nice nude shade. Totally Gorge!

  33. I actually prefer a heightened pink color- a natural nude, but healthier and more lush.

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