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Oct 14, 2011

meet kelly from vampy varnish.  in her amazing guest post below, she shares some of her favorite stila products.  learn more about her and read what she has to say!

there are some stila products that i absolutely adore and feel the need to discuss!

collectible palettes: i have a mild obsession with collecting these. i feel the need to get each one. i have at least 10-12 of them now! i love them for several reasons: they all have different designs on the front, they open like little books, they look great stacked, they include 4 eyeshadows and a convertible color or two blushes inside, they have a little mirror and instruction guide inside, and they are all different. most of all, i love that the price! 

sparkle waterproof liquid eye liner: l love the colors they come in! they are so saturated and really make your eyes stand out. i especially am in love with the shades bora bora, rock candy, electric and flash. they really do last all day long and they're a great way to have a pop of sparkle on your eyes without looking like a disco ball.

long wear liquid lip color: i think these are some of the coolest lip products out there! they seem like a gloss because of the packaging and how they apply, but they are thick and SO extremely opaque like a lipstick. they feel soft and velvety then "set" and do not come off or budge. a tiny little bit goes a very long way! i have extremely dry lips and always worry about matte lip products. but while these are matte and do feel dry to the touch, they aren't drying on my lips. i haven't come across any other lip products that act like these do and i really hope they come out with more colors soon (hint, hint)!

stila smudge pots: my first ever experience with these was with the holiday 2009 collection which included the shades kitten, starry night, violet and black. i was totally impressed by these then and still am now. these are so creamy and smooth and easy to apply. the black is so deep and dark and lasts all day with no fading. speaking of these I think I need to pick up cobalt and black cat...

if you want to see photos and swatches of any of these products, check out my blog!

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