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Oct 27, 2011

meet stila star francesca!  she’s a city girl who was born and raised in chicago.  francesca is passionate about life and all things stila.  when she first discovered stila nearly 15 years ago she says, “it felt like home”. today she balances family life with her career.  as the stila account executive over chicago, francesca has a lot of insight about fashion, the city, and keeping up with a fast-paced lifestyle.  we asked her about it and how it affects her and her makeup routine.

what do you love about the city?
chicago is so clean.  it is full of friendly, beautiful people.  plus, it has great food, a great night life, and amazing shopping.

do you feel pressure to look perfect everyday in the city – sort of live the carrie bradshaw lifestyle?
not really.  growing up in the makeup industry helped me keep up on the trends.  and i love the classic look with a trendy edge.

does the fast-paced lifestyle of the city transfer into your makeup routine?
yes.  the city makes life fast and i’m also a mom which makes my makeup routine 8 minutes tops.

how are fashions changing in the city now that summer is over?
it only gets better from here.  the boots and scarves are starting to come out.  also, there are great fall colors like plum, greens, and orange.  they seem to be lighting up the streets of chicago.

is your makeup affected by the season change?
not really.  my skin might need a little more moisture with the cold weather, but my makeup always stays the same.  i might throw on a deeper lipstick J

regardless of location, what is one makeup tip every woman can implement in her routine?
never follow the shape of your eye when lining.  always stop your eyeliner about 3 lashes to the end and pick up the liner a little into a small cat eye.  this creates a lift in the eye making it more youthful.

is there one stila product you can’t live without?
OMG!!! yes.  there are a couple.  illuminating powder foundation is the best product ever made and i have worn it every day for the last 12 years.  also, convertible color in petunia and gladiola are close seconds! 

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