Oct 11, 2011

TWO for TUESDAYS continues with today's fabulous giveaway.  if you love lip glaze, enter now to win. one lucky individual will receive these 6 glazes - enough to complete any look!   don't forget to "like" this giveaway and share it with your friends.

then comment and tell us why you love stila lip glaze!  please include your email address.

***winner must live in the continental united states.  contest ends at midnight today.  good luck stila fans!  xoxo

151 Responses to TWO for TUESDAYS!

  1. I love the soft, attractive colors, the "milky" texture, and the high "glass" shine you get from Stila lip glazes.

  2. Why do I love it? Because it is the BEST lip product EVER! I have tried all the rest, and nothing can compare to the high impact shine, the non-sticky color of these glazes!

  3. I've never got to try these lip glazes, but I've heard so many wonderful things about them! This contest would be an awesome way to get to try a bunch of different colors and then I could recommend them to my friends!

  4. I love the natural colors, the way my mom and I can both find colors we love, and the way it makes my lips feel!

  5. I like stila lipglaze because the colors are great and they are not too sticky.

  6. Lip Glaze is the perfect compliment alone or with your favorite lipstick! Also great way to just grab and refresh anytime!

  7. They provide the perfect amount of color. Not completely opaque, but not see though either.

  8. I love Stila lip glaze's because they feel good on my lips and they smell great!


  9. Love Stila Lip Glazes! Such a great variety of colors, super glossy but not sticky. They are my fave lip color product!

  10. the lipglaze are awesome.. not sticky, great color range and sleek so it fits in any bag, or pocket :)

  11. I love the lip glazes! The colors are wonderful — they actually show up unlike a lot of lip glosses — and they're flattering. Plus, they're not super sticky, either.

  12. I love how Lip Glaze feels light and comes in so many pretty, fashionable colors. Never too dark but high shine.

  13. Love the color choices.. texture, everything about them! Also.. I love how well the colors you choose for the multi-packs match.. love to mix the colors and create something new.

  14. I love Stila lip glazes- they are perfect by themselves or over lipstick without being to heavy. The colors are perfect- I have been buying them since I was about 13- so 9 years now!

  15. I've loved stila lip glaze since the first time I was given it as a gift! The colors are not only beautiful and flattering but they last and goes on so smooth! I love the way my lips look with it on and the lip glaze just makes me want to smile!

  16. I love stila lip glazes not only because of the color selection (raspberry, what?!) but they have the best textures and shine...and they are LONG WEARING! (and waterproof!) The formula just can't be replicated!




  18. I love that when I wear them my friends always compliment me :-) It it is my birthday ;-)

  19. I love the brush applicator. It's easy to brush on w/ no mistakes esp when you're on the go! Gives a nice glaze to the lips w/o the sticky texture.

  20. I love them because the brush is awesome and the color is nice but not overpowering!

    scarter305 at aol dot com

  21. I love Stila's glosses and have many colors! I'd love to win these and give them to my 15-year old niece for Christmas, so she can learn how great they are too!

  22. I'm usually not a fan of lipgloss but I love these ones from Stila. They give me the perfect pout and adds that last glamourous touch to my overall look!

  23. I love the long wear and with the color selection, everyone is bound to find a color to fit their skin shade!

  24. Stila lip glaze is my go to lip color. I love it because it is not sticky, goes on smooth, is long lasting, moisturizing, and comes in a rediculously wide variety of colors to suit my every ensamble or mood!

  25. I love Stila lip glaze because when I pick my son up from school, I want to look like I'm trying but not going out on the town. There is a fine line. I love how it feels, too. And the colors rock!

  26. I love Lip Glaze because it's not too sheer but still looks like gloss. They're awesome.

  27. I haven't tried the glazes but love everything Stila that I have tried. Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. i love lip glazes because they smell absolutely delicious, give high shine with long lasting power and they look so naturally pretty. Also, they layer well over lipstick too.

  29. One of my favorite bands in lipglosses! The glaze is good for an everyday gloss! All of the shades compliment every skin tone! :)

  30. I love the colors and the texture, its not sticky which is one of my pet peeves!

  31. I love the beautiful natural colors, great shine, and the silky feel. I switched to Stila's tinted moisturizer this past spring, and my skin feel so much smoother! I love the whole product line, and look forward to all of your new products!

  32. I LOVE Stila Lip Glaze because they make my lips looks so luscious! I love the smell and the texture of the lip glazes and they last so much longer than regular lip glosses!

  33. The colors are great, the consistency is great, and they smell good. And I don't have to reapply as often as I do with other glosses. I'm totally addicted!

  34. I wear pinks and corals equally well. So I've always worn a wide range of lip colors, but not textures. Before Stila Lip Glaze, I only wore cream lipsticks and hated glosses. Now, I'm finally using sheer products on my lips.

  35. Awesome shine. Pretty colors. Neat and tidy packaging that's super easy to use. I love Stila Lip Glaze!

  36. (1)Because they give the best amount of shine (not all goopy lip like some others) (2) B/c Gretchen Weiner will always be my favorite mean girl (she used the lip glaze in the xmas show) and (3) I just ran out of my last tube!! :)

  37. I love Stila products and their lip glazes the colors are Great! My emailemail is thank you!

  38. Very natural, glossy look. Perfect for everyday or a special night out. They smell great, too! Been a fan for years.

  39. never a disappointment- you can grab any of them and go- sure it is nice to pick your gloss- but in a pinch- whatever you have will look great and wear well.
    eastinmorris at yahoo dot com

  40. I love how they smell, and they don't feel sticky on my lips. I like that the colors seem to all work well on me, too.

  41. I love Stila Gloss reason the colors are gorgeous, and it leaves your lips nice and shiny! Another thing that I love that it gives you a natural look but not soo glossy. Hope i win :)

  42. I love Stila, My mom worked for Stila back when Janine Lobell created Stila. I'm very thankful for all the good thing my family receive from Stila and Janine. My lips are nice and glossy with a natural look with all the Stila Gloss. Very light weight and not greasy.

  43. I love the applicator, smell, texture and soooo much more. You can never have enough of these lip glaze goodies!

  44. fantastic lip gloss! not too scented, perfect shine, and easy to grab and go. wonderful with any look, my favorite is watermelon!

  45. I love Stila lip glaze because the colors compliment me better than any other lip gloss! Guava and Star Fruit are my favs.

  46. I love the stila lip glaze, because the colors are nice and nude. Also i prefer this than a lip stick.

  47. great giveaway! i have never used stila lipglosses but would love to try 'em! all the shades look lovely :)



  48. stila glosses are awesome! Never sticky and go on smooth and evenly. Love them!

  49. Actually, I cannot say that I have tried Stila's Lip Glazes! For a while now I have been meaning to purchase those wonderful shades of this product although, everytime I go to an ulta, they are sold out. I barely go to Sephora. To make matters worse, my mother wont let me use her credit card to purchase them online since I don't have one! Yet, I am a sucker for lip products and I love trying new things! Even if I don't win this wonderful freebie, I know that someone else who probably has tried this lip product will be very happy as I will be for them too! Thank you for having this freebie/give-away! (:

    My email is

  50. The color range is amazing! I can find a color to match any makeup look. Also, I love the scents and texture too!

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