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Oct 10, 2011

mascara is a must-have product for all women.  whether you are a natural beauty or a glamour girl, mascara will do wonders for your look.  and many times how you use it makes all of the difference.  in fact, when it comes to mascara, sometimes you just have to go for it!!!  here are some helpful tips.

-wiggle the brush at your lash line to really coat the lashes.  this also helps your lashes to look more separated.

-layer, layer, layer.  if you want your lashes to look amazing, you might need to apply a few coats.

-use the point of the brush to help separate the lashes and add length. 

-select the mascara that works for you.  certain brushes might work better for you.  keep this in mind.  also, choose a formula that offers what you are looking for – length, volume, or curl.  it’s ok to have a preference J

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