Oct 4, 2011

stila fans!!!  introducing TWO for TUESDAYS!  every tuesday enter to win 2 amazing stila products!  today's giveaway honors breast cancer awareness month.  we are giving away our new positive and pretty palette and a bubblegum lip glaze to one lucky winner.  enter now and "like" this post to share the giveaway with your friends.

comment and tell us what your favorite pink stila product is.  please include your email address!

***winner must live in the continental united states.  contest ends tonight at midnight.  xoxo, stila

140 Responses to TWO for TUESDAYS!

  1. My favorite pink Stila product is definitely the watermelon lip glaze! It was gorgeous on the lips and oh so tasty too!!

  2. I love the stila eyeshadows! I don't have very many, but the ones I have are pigmented and smooth!

  3. I LOVE the Raspberry Crush Lip and Cheek Stain! It's the perfect color and it's buildable! I <3 Stila!! :)

  4. my favorite pink stila product is the eyeshadow in kitten. It is the perfect neutral pink and is suitable for all skintones.

  5. good luck everyone! i love stila eyeshadows, long lasting and flawless :)

  6. I love the watermelon lip glaze and I bet I would love the Bubblegum lip glaze too! :)

  7. Does Kitten count as pink??!! If not I love my Watermelon Lip Glaze the perfect pink gloss for everyday use! A definite beauty staple for me!

    Beth @

  8. My favorite Stila product EVER is definitely the Smudge pots. I've been using them since I found them at Sephora in 2006!! I was searching for the perfect eyeliner that would actually stay put, this was it. It last's throughout the day, all night.. until the next morning! Absolute Perfection! I use the black to line a cat eye and go over the top with bronze and a shimmery shadow for an everyday look. LOVE IT!

  9. I love my grapefruit lip glaze and sand dollar. I feel like Molly Ringwald in "PRETTY IN PINK" everytime I wear them! :) Email address is and I hit "Like" on fb a long time ago and would change it to "LOVE" if I could!

  10. i love a lots of your prodicts like stay all day liquid eye liner , eye shadows but recently i got lip glaze trio y i loved it, good consistency and stay long time in my lips, thnx stila!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. This is absolutely fabulous that stila is combining such a fantastic giveaway lip glaze with Breast Cancer Awareness product. My mom just was given the "good bill of health" after a two year battle with third stage breast cancer. Things like this just make me smile after the fact. Thanks for supporting the cause and for the fans day!

  12. my favorite pink stila product would be that bubblegum lip glaze! Gorgeous and juicy looking! I want that palette too. Those palettes are so fun and great for traveling. I always keep one in my makeup bag "just incase". Doesn't take up much space and so perfect!

  13. My favorite product is the watermelon lip glaze! Its the perfect color for a natural look :) My aunt had breast cancer, thanks for supporting the cause :)

  14. My absolute favorite pink Stila product is the bubblegum lip glaze. The one I have now is just about finished so I'm definitely in need of a new one......

  15. My fav Stila product is stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner. I <3 <3 <3 this one!

  16. SO many people love bubblegum but I am a Mayberry Girl all the way! It is a drop dead gorgeous pink that can flatter any skin-tone. Thank You Stila, <3 U forever!

  17. My fav pinks are most definitely Breathtaking convertible lip/cheek color and Bubblegum Lipglaze! LOVE, LOVE my Stila Products!! :-)

  18. Mine is my Barbie Loves Stila Talking Pallet!
    The colors are so pretty and calm I can use it for both night or day wear!

  19. I don't have a lot of Stila products either but I do have a couple eyeshadows, which I love. They're so pigmented and so smooth. I'd love to try the palette and lip glaze!!

  20. My favorite pink product is the convertible color from the Trendsetting in Tokyo palette!!!

  21. I love the One Step Correct. I can't live without it! Also all the lip glazes and stains! Oh and convertible color!!! Lol, I just all of Stila's products ;-)

  22. I like STILA Lip Glaze SEASHELL.It's a pretty pearly cool pink color. Love it ;)

  23. I love the Stila Long Wear Lip Liner in Charming, it's the pefect pink for a pouty lip!

  24. Bubblegum Lip Glaze is my fave! But i love anything by Stila and anything pink lol :)

  25. My favorite pink Stila cosmetic product would have to be the Long wear lip liner in Charming & Aspiring. The give you the "my lips, but better" effect, which i love! <3

  26. My FAVORITE pink stila product is the pink lemonade lip glaze from the Barbie loves Stila 1971 Malibu Barbie set.

  27. This is an amazing give away because the cause is so amazing it's self.
    I love the lip glaze in Mango(which is pink) and I love the custom color blush in pink. It's a too cute color of pink.
    My email is

  28. My absolute favorite stila product is the stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner in black. It dries really quickly and stays put all day. It doesn't smear and the color doesn't fade. I LOVE IT!

  29. I love the cotton candy lip glaze! Stila lipglazes are BY FAR my most favorite glosses...and I have tried a a lot! Thank you for making such awesome products!

  30. My fave Stila product is the Road trip to Radiance across america! So pretty! I also love the lip glaze in Fruit punch!!!


  31. i love anything thats pink.. but would have to say the bubblegum gloss is a fav

  32. My favorite Stilla product is the smudge pots! I keep them in my car and apply before I go anywhere if it's been a while since I've applied my makeup!

  33. I absolutely LOVE all of the Stila lip glazed, but my favorite pink one is grapefruit. (:

  34. I love the One Step Primecolor set! Perfect for eyes, lips, cheeks!!

    Vivian S.
    Vsun81 at yahoo dot com

  35. Love Stila Lip Glaze in Rose!

    P.S. I feel uncomfortable sharing my email address in public.. is there a safer way for us to enter contests???? Not that it is any better but here is my phone # 201-401-2683

  36. My favorite pink Stila product is the Raspberry Crush Lip & Cheek Stain. Another one of my favorite pink Stila products that I absolutely can not compare to any other product is the Custom Color Blush in pink.
    My e-mail address is

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