backstage beauty at beauty johnson spring 2011 runway show

Sep 15, 2010

working with betsey johnson is always a memorable experience.  the backstage environment at her shows is a party - a working party to be more precise.  betsey hangs balloons, has inspiring posters all around, sets out candy for everyone, and then shows up before the show throwing rose petals and giving out kisses of good luck to all the models.  it really is a treat to be apart of.  and for us at stila, there is no better way to end fashion week than by working the betsey johnson show. 

the makeup backstage was unlike anything we have ever done before at stila.  the show was inspired a lot by childhood moments.  bicycles and skates played a big role in the runway.  thus, it was important that these childhood moments be consistent with the makeup.  the makeup was almost reminiscent of your childhood days of finger painting or playing with your mom’s makeup, yet a lot prettier!

we used a green eye shadow that is coming out soon in one of our travel palettes!  we literally wet the shadow and painted it on like a paste.  no skin was showing from the lash line to the brow bone.  to recreate this look, try the going green eye shadow trio wet.  just go for it!!!  sometimes you want to be bold and you need to have the courage you did as a child when you painted your face like it was so much fun!  then, apply several coats of mascara.  major major lash mascara works the best because it builds well. 

to complete the look, fill in your brows with brow powder.  then apply custom color blush to the cheeks and caprice long wear liquid lip color on your lips.  and always remember that flawless skin is the best canvas for a bold, colorful look like this one.  so make sure to use stila’s one step makeup as well!

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