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Sep 20, 2010

great eyes.  one look at any magazine and its understandable that eyes are apparently the window to beauty today.  sure a great lip color may be in style here and there; however, beautiful eyes seem to always be a focal point.  for this reason, you don’t want to screw up the eye area when you are doing your makeup.  instead you obviously want to make the most of it.  chances are it is the feature of yours people will notice first.  with this in mind, we thought it might be fun to share with you some tips to help you maximize your efforts when applying eye shadow. 

bold eyes are beautiful.  the easiest way to create a bold eye look is by using smudge pot or an eye shadow wet.  and the brush is important for this look.  with smudge pot, use the number 20 brush.  line with the small end and blend with the large end for an effortless smoky eye that pops.  for a bold shadow look, wet the small end of the number 15 brush and apply the product to your eye using circular like motions.

avoid cakey eye looks by blending.  if you get to much product on your eyes, use the number 9 brush (with no product on it) to blend the look.  also, before applying the shadow make sure to remove any excess shadow from the brush.  this promotes the best application and will also help with fallout problems.

your eye shadow should not be sitting in your wrinkles or emphasizing them.  if you feel this way, try using less eye shadow when applying.  also, it’s a good idea to use a matte shadow as a base (chinois and dune are great options).  then use the shimmer shadows on the lid to brighten and open up the eye.  this is a great look for anyone who is conscious about the wrinkles around their eyes. 

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