pro artist tip of the week – how to crush correctly!

Sep 27, 2010

do you have a crush?  perhaps its an old fashioned girl loves guy sort of crush. or maybe you have developed a crush on a brand new pair of shoes.  whatever it is, at stila we realize that crushes come in all shapes and sizes – our favorite being the ever-popular lip and cheek stains.  these “crushes” have been lusted after by nearly every beauty guru and are a top celebrity must-have.  it’s no wonder so many women have a crush on them!  while there is no right way to use the crushes, there are some pro tips that you can implement to help you crush correctly on a daily basis.  whether you rely on cherry, mango, pomegranate, yumberry, raspberry, or the soon to be released acai, using these tips will allow you to make the most of your crushes!

preparation is key.  you wouldn’t go out on a date with your crush without preparing, and we don’t advise you to apply the crushes without properly prepared lips either.  for the best preparation exfoliate your lips at night to remove any dead skin.  when you apply the stain, make sure that your lips are free from residue and/or oil. 

mix it up.  a good dater understands the importance of variety.  this is why we have options for you to choose from in terms of your crush wardrobe.  mixing up can be as simple as switching from cherry crush to raspberry crush.  or you can take a risk and make your own crush concoction by mixing your favorite shades!

pair off.  in the end, all girls want to pair off with the person they are crushin' on.  in a similar manner, pair off your lips and cheeks so they coordinate with each other.  in case you weren’t aware, the crushes can be used on both the lips and cheeks.  they are great multi-functional products you can wear everyday.

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