enter to win this amazing giveaway!!!!!

Sep 22, 2010

guess what stila fans?  sarah is giving away these amazing new holiday eye shadow palettes!!!  you can't even buy them yet!  enter now for your chance to win both of these products.  keep them for yourself or gift them to someone for the holidays.

to enter, comment and tell us what stila product is a great gift for the upcoming holiday season.

please include your email address in the comment!  we will randomly select a winner next wednesday, september 29.  best of luck.

**you must live in the continental united states to be eligible to win.

143 Responses to enter to win this amazing giveaway!!!!!

  1. The talking palettes and smudge pots would make great gifts! jpscraps@gmail.com
    Being one of the first to comment I know I won't win but I'd love to!

  2. kitten shadow and lip glaze set hands down!!!

    they flatter everyone and always comes in a cute little package, great for friends and as a stocking stuffer :)


  3. Hmm...best holiday gift from Stila? The Stila brushes are amazing, so if I really liked the person, I'd pick them up some "must have" brushes, since great brushes are often overlooked!


  4. The travel sets are definitely sweet and affordable. I think any girl would love to have them. I have the first three and think they are just adorable!


  5. The passport palettes are great holiday stocking stufferes. It has great shadows and a convertible color that can be used on the cheeks, eyes and lips.

  6. The travel set would make a great gift for Christmas as well as brushes or creating your own palette for someone special.


  7. The noire palette would be a great gift, one of my favorites. Also any of the travel sets, those are too cute. amolihan@yahoo.com

  8. I would have to go with a Passport Palette set. You can call it "Choose your own adventure!" Also, I think a brush set would be in order as well.


  9. TheRightLook says: Liquid lip color!!!!!! Fabulous colors and all day wear, non-drying, beautiful matte finish. Love love love it.thrightlook@hotmail.com

  10. Kitten shadow and lip glaze are awesome! So is the new travel eye shadow palettes from around the world. erinalexisboese@gmail.com

  11. I would have to say a set like the stila loves derby dolls set would be a great gift because it has everything you need in one package (cheek, lip, eyeliner, and mascara). You can give it all to one person or split it up and give one thing to 4 people!
    Thanks - Jewels681@aol.com :o)

  12. For me, it is a toss up between Smudge Pots and Convertible Colors. Smudge Pots in Pomegranate or Jade would make for a festive, budge proof eye look, but I use my Convertible Colors almost daily. They are so much better than a powder blush!


  13. Well my best friend is getting the tinted moisturizer for Christmas, since she got some lovely pallets from me for her birthday.
    Possibly a few new brushes as well!
    I'm hopping for the kitten set and a nice cheek/lip stain in my stocking.
    And I wouldn't say no if you produced a travel pallet set for the holidays...

    AshkeSummerRose @ aol . com

  14. Smudge sticks in every color bundled with one of the travel palettes and a good brush.

  15. I feel like the Stila Girl of the Month sets would be great gifts... you get a whole Stila look, so you can either gift it all to one person, split it up between 3 people, or still have gifts, but get to keep a little something for yourself :)

    My e-mail is dinoRAWRSyou@yahoo.com

  16. The lip glazes are always a best bet for gift giving. I've never given them to anyone who hasn't fallen in love with them!

  17. I would love to find a lip glaze set or a travel palette "Moscow" in my stocking this year! That would really jingle my sleigh bells! :0)


  18. The Stila Color Wheel makes a great holiday gift for your friends and family members who are always on the go! This color wheel will work for any outfit or occasion and not clutter up a travel bag!


  19. I bought a gift set of Stila illuminating bronzing powders last year and would gladly buy them again as a gift! The light, shimmering, slightly translucent bronzers were perfect for every skin tone and could be worn all year round! allisonbpatrick@yahoo.com

  20. The Gift Of Glamour Combination sets would be an amazing gift! The color palette is great, it can suit a variety of skin tones. It's a wonderful price too!


  21. Sarah said: Best presents: stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner & custom color blush & travel palettes. I hope santa brings me the color palette! ssmaguire at yahoo dot com

  22. The Stila smudge pots would make a great gift for any beauty junkie.


  23. LIP GLAZE sets!!!! I don't know anyone who's tried the lip glazes that doesn't love them. My favorite shade is brown sugar!


  24. The Smile in Style Set, beautiful colors that anyone can wear, including day and evening colors! Just perfect for a gift.

  25. Any of your wonderful and beautiful products! I KNOW any of my family & friends would love anything that is from Stila! They see how I look when I use your makeup.

  26. Any of the travel palletes or new sets from fashion week would be great gifts! My bf bought me the smudge pot set last year for Christmas, it was too sweet! :)


  27. 24kt luxe lip gloss collection ~ who doesn't need a little bling in the dreary winter months! michelle mdr57106@hotmail.com

  28. Considering how much my friends are supporting me in going out for derby, I'd have to say the derby dolls set. I wish it weren't sold out. Then probably the travel sets.

  29. Any of the travel palettes make great gifts, but I also think any of the fashion week sets would make awesome gifts :-)
    my email: mberinguel@gmail.com

  30. The smudge pots or lip/cheeck crushes. Both can add a pop of color that is very festive for the holiday season!

  31. The holiday lip glaze sets are an awesome gift for the holidays. There is a color and flavor for everyone in that set - you can't go wrong!


  32. I left a post before but forgot to include my email kkjames1@gmail.com

    It was the post that said different items in shades of red (long waer lip gloss, barbie lip gloss and the red carpet look) :-)

  33. Stila's Lip Glaze is the perfect gift for all of my girlfriends, I can pick almost any color and I know it will compliment their skin tone. Sometimes I buy the sets and give out one to each person, which I also do for birthdays. The mini crushes are AWESOME too! I wish these come in a mini-set. centrej@yahoo.com

  34. The best gifts are definitely lip glaze sets! They're a huge part of what makes stila so famous! Anybody trying stila for the first time NEEDS to experience the wonder and awesomeness of the lip glazes for cdure!


  35. Best gift? Give them the world ;)- ALL the Stila Travel sets! Fabulous looks, and inspiration to see all those incredible cities!


  36. I just bought the passport palettes for myself, but I am considering going to buy some for my BFFs christmas gifts. You can't beat the price, only $10!!!


  37. I plan on giving the travel palettes to my nieces for Christmas. They're just starting to get into makeup and I think the little palettes would be perfect for them to practice with!

    sounravelme at gmail dot com

  38. My favorite gift for the holidays is the new lip glaze set. Love the mini size & variety of shades. Also, would love another mini Smudge Pot set too. That was the greatest gift last year.


  39. My teen daughter and I want the same gift item for our fall birthdays. The Stila Makeup Player in option #2...(Create Your Own Set). I'm giving my 24 year old niece one for the holidays too.
    Thanks :)
    vac924 at gmail dot com

  40. EVerything is great but my fav. would be the smudge sticks they are awesome!!!!!!!

    e-mail dyalsandhu@hotmail.com

  41. I would have to say the mini lip glazes...what a great way to give something not only small and cute that won't take up much space, but what woman doesn't love having lip gloss on hand??


  42. I'd have to say the best gift to give is a gift certificate to the Stila online store because to be honest, any of these products would make great gifts! So versatile and user friendly that it's hard to pick just one!


  43. Give me a woman you admire, and I bet you she travels! So many women are out and about and always on the go- with little luggage space to spare. The Convertible Eye Color pencil is an answer for everything: quick, easy, conserves space, and best of all: all color pairings are gorgeous! It's the gift she'll love and appreciate most.

  44. I think the Travel Girl Palettes will be a great gift this year. I am going to get my sisters the whole collection for sure! I use the 3 I have daily and am ordering Mosow this week!!!


  45. I think that the #33 brush is a great holiday gift. I think we, as women, are always trying to find the best way to apply our foundation and concealer. This is a dual ended brush which takes care of both! Plus they are pointed brushes so you can apply product more precisely.


  46. Kitten eyeshadow is an AMAZING gift for the holiday season or any occasion!


  47. Any of the fashion week sets would Make great gifts! They are not something most people would just buy! maryannmadore@yahoo.com

  48. I usually worry about which xmas gift to gift to my gal pals around summer time, but since Stila launched the Travel Palettes.... I dont have to worry or look further!! They are perfect!I own all of them up to date and absolutely love them, I know everyone will adore it! Thanks Stila for making such a quality product for such a wallet friendly price =)

  49. The Color Wheel palette would be the ultimate gift. Not only is it great for an eyeshadow neophyte, but it's great for the more experienced person as well. I love the fact that it's organized like the color wheel which helps make the selection of coordinated colors simpler. Dominique0504@yahoo.com

  50. I would love to win this gift. I love makeup and especially eye shadows. I really would love to became a make up artist and this palette would definetly help me with all the work of arts I can create on myself and others. I love Stila eye shadows and their colors.

  51. travel palettes make great gifts for all your girlfriends! they are affordable, cute, and a total look!


  52. I can't think of a Stila product that WOULDN'T make a great gift for the holidays but I'm going to have to say that One Step Makeup would be the very best gift! It is just perfect! Also, the travel palettes would make great gifts as a gateway to getting your friends into loving Stila products, as well!


  53. I would say the travel palettes. I love the lip glazes, but the travel palettes have everything you need in one cute package. Throw on a little mascara and you're all set!


  54. I'm very picky when gifting makeup to friends and fam.. So instead of just picking palettes/gift sets as for the holidays (although they are pretty great & convenient) I'd probably pick up a couple diff. items n make my own personalized gift set which would include: Kitten e/s, illuminating tinted moisturizer (loves!), Major Lash mascara, and a lip glaze!!


  55. Cream Bouquet fragrance...if it were still available! Please make it available again!


  56. What good is great make up without high quality brushes? I would pair a travel palette with a travel brush set---what a great price point for the holidays!


  57. All the Passport Palettes would make a perfect gift for someone. There are so many different colors to use the possibilities would be endless!


  58. I definitely think that eyeshadow palettes are the perfect Stila gift. It is a great way to introduce someone who is new to the brand, but also works well for those that already love Stila because the palette probably contains colors that they don't already have. (Or if they do have all of them, it makes traveling with them easier!)


  59. I would give the new Color Wheel Eyeshadow Palette, it has all the colors she would need and endless look she can create. To compliment that, I would also give a classic black Smudge pot and the Convertible Color Blush in Peony because she can use both all year round.


  60. The travel palettes make great gifts because each one contains an entire look in a cute, inexpensive compact. Also, this year I plan on giving Barbie Loves Stila goodies. They're fun! And they are incredibly wearable and versatile!

  61. The travel palettes would be a great gift, since you get a whole look in cute palette small enough to take with you :) The mini lipglaze sets are always fun too.
    Great giveaway!

  62. I think the travel palettes are a great gift! With each one just $10, you can give all five as a fabulous set for sisters or girlfriends.


  63. The Cherry Crush Lip & Cheek stain would be a great holiday gift, since it complements all skin tones! (watch the video on beautytube -- it's true!)


  64. I like the Makeup Player, but have a "Holiday Set" with holiday colors; perhaps use a Cranberry Lip Glaze with a Glamor Eyes Mascara, Tinted Illuminating Moisturizer in Shade 02, Eyeshadow Trio in Rocker, and one Custom Color Blush. Perhaps add in a #30 shadow brush.

    For a SMALL gift: "A Pair of Kittens" set -- the lip glaze and eyeshadow set, but it would come in a cute little bag or something.


    AskSandraNow (at) gmail (dot) com

  65. Any of the lipglaze sets are perfect for gift giving or stocking stuffing!!!


  66. I would love to give or get the makeup player - classic set! There are wonderful Stila products and something to put them in. After the cosmetics are gone, God forbid!, you have that wonderful case/player.

  67. So many choices ... I think the Makeup Player is the best overall gift because it provides (1) a connection to BeautyTube where you can see & emulate Sarah's technique--as well as providing space for Stila products. But, if you have more friends (versus more money :) then (2) any of the talking compacts are divine. I always wanted to learn how to do a smoky eye, so I really enjoyed getting the Sapphire talking eye palette, which comes with both printed instructions as well as audio commentary. Additionally (3), I think a more personal & fun gift woud be the "record your own message" eye palette: two gifts in one! (That is if they are still available--couldn't find it on the web site--tho' it's really great that you have the International ones!) For the playful people on your list--I'd get the either of the two bold "backstage eye shadow palette" or the "stila pro artist palette" (something my young niece would absolutely adore--as well as her mother :o)
    (Honestly, I could go one forever--but I'll stop at the lip crush & cheek stains--very dear to my heart--but I think here, you really have to know who you're shopping for--or get them a gift certificate).

  68. I love the mini smudge pots sets you've had for the holidays in the past. Maybe a mini convertible color set? I'd love to sample more colors! The travel palettes make great gifts (especially Paris!).


  69. Mini lip glazes are my go to gift...can throw them in a stocking or a small bag for a girlfriend gift. Everyone loves them!


  70. Stila makes a high quality product. I especially love the Smudge Pots.. those would be a great gift! and the long last lip color is awesome also!

  71. The traveler brush set because you can never have too many brushes! It's a easier than gifting makeup because you don't have to worry about getting them something they already have or something they wouldn't use.


  72. ok so the best would be 1 of every Stila product but to pick one awesome holiday gift from Stila I would have to go with the Makeup Player!! I love mine :)


  73. ANY Stila product would make a perfect gift! Brushes, Lip Glazes and pallets oh my! So much to choose from! I could literally close my eyes, point to a Stila product and would absolutely love to give or receive it. I plan on giving my daughter the mini lip glazes and this pallet (if I'm lucky enough to win :D )


  74. I'm a newbie makeup artist and love Stila products. I've been using Stila since the product first hit the shelves and this palette would be a wonderful addition to my collection.
    I think the Eye Shadow Trios are the perfect holiday gift. The women I've worked with don't want to spend a lot of time applying their makeup. The Trios allow you to create a classic, defined eye without any guesswork.
    Niki Branson

  75. I first have to comment that these two palettes are beyond beautiful and as beautiful as they appear on the computer screen, I'm sure they're even better in person. If this is an indication of the quality and creativity of the holiday line, I better start saving my pennies NOW. I also think this is an incredibly generous giveaway. It shows just how much Stila appreciates their loyal fans. I think I can speak for most of your customers when I say that we appreciate all your giveaways but you have really outdone yourself with this one.

    As for what I think would make a great holiday gift, I have to say that I hope you have a limited edition eyeliner set filled with all 8 of your beautiful colorful waterproof eyeliners, with the addition of a few more, maybe creating some limited edition colors such as a sparkling emerald green. I'd love to see an eyeliner kit filled with maybe 12-15 gorgeous eyeliners, possibly calling it "Beyond the Rainbow". Everyone loves a variety of wonderful eyeliners as exemplified by the craze Stila experienced when they first released their new eyeliners a short time ago. To have a rainbow of colors to create every look possible, especially during holiday season, would make such a set immensely popular and highly coveted. That would be MY perfect gift both to give away AND to receive. Good luck to all!!!!!

    I can be reached through my email at kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  76. I really love the stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner. This is a great gift for my many friends that are consistently on the go! Additionally, I like to get the mini lip glaze sets that are available during the holidays. I love being able to add a little extra to my friends' gifts. :)



  77. I've become a Stila fanatic lately. Loving everything I've bought and lusting after too much I haven't. These palettes are awesome and I love the mandala designs they're decorated from. How wonderful to own, or even gift them for the Holidays. The colors are phenomenol and like I said, the designs themselves are to die for. Almost too pretty to use, you almost want to frame them up on your wall, lol. But that would be a waste of great makeup. Stila is wonderful product and I'm totally hooked. Would so love to win these palettes!
    Deb Scott

  78. I definitely love all stila products, I usually get my stuff at Sephora, but I would say my this new ayeshadow pallete is a bomb. I'm loving it, I got it a few weeks ago. lety_pooh83@hotmail.com

  79. A lip glaze set would make a perfect gift! But, seriously, anything Stila would be amazing to recieve as a gift!!
    <3 elizabeth

  80. I am going to have to go with a set of Must Have brushes. Hello??? you want a smokey eye??? Use a brush? You want the last bit of your fav lipstick?? use a brush. Cat eye?? yes please! USE A BRUSH.


  81. I think that the new travel pallets are great to give as gifts! I plan to get the Moscow one for my best friend and maybe the Paris one for my mom! Great and affordable way to let the ladies in your life know you love them!

    and my email is kristencloud14@ku.edu :)

  82. Eye shadows palettes. You have guys always done a great job with selecting colors.
    Jackie Schultz

  83. The Stila color wheel would make a great holiday gift! You're able to use this palette to create a day or night look and it's a great way to introduce someone to the Stila line!

  84. My favorites are the talking palettes and the smudge pots. So I would definitely give those as gifts.

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