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Sep 30, 2010

meet stila’s pro artist and account executive, charles miller! his passion for all things pretty began in the womb when his mother was selling cosmetics.  today charles credits his mother and his three older sisters for his beauty knowledge.  at stila we value his kindness and positivity.  charles has refreshing view on women and we wanted to share it with all of you.  read the q & a below to see why charles makes all of us at stila feel like a million bucks everyday!

your job requires you to interact with a lot of women.   do you feel like they are too hard on themselves?
i often think that women are their worst critics.  they fail to see their own beauty in the mirror.  it’s ok for them to smile and accept that they are beautiful.

besides weight, what are some concerns you notice that women have about themselves?
aging is a top concern among most women.  let’s “face” the facts, we are all aging.  i love educating women on how to age gracefully while feeling beautiful at the same time.  makeup is a big part of this.  many people think makeup is about painting faces, but there is so much more to it.

do you think makeup is a good way to help provide women with more confidence? 
definitely.  it’s the power of beauty – women always feel more confident when they look amazing.

cosmetic companies say sales of lipsticks rise during economic down times.  why do you think this is?

lipstick represents a small little indulgence that brings pleasure.  it provides women with a simple solution to transform their look.  during times of crisis, this “indulgence” – possibly the only affordable one - says a lot about the importance of beauty.

lastly, as a pro makeup artist, what product do you feel always provides women with that instant pick-me-up that is so often needed?

my favorite product is illuminating tinted moisturizer.  it promotes healthy looking skin and will wake up your makeup!  this product works well on all skin types and looks amazing applied under the eye area to brighten.

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