what we learned from fashion week

Sep 16, 2010

for us at stila, fashion week is always a highlight.  there is a buzz in the air that seems to only be present during fashion week – and it’s contagious and inspiring.  all of these creative people are grouped together in the same area accomplishing big things.  it’s amazing when you think about it.  therefore, it’s only natural for the ending to be somewhat bittersweet.  although exhaustion has set in and most of us can barely move from lack of sleep, it is also hard to see it end.  however, it is also nice to look back and enjoy everything that we have learned throughout the week. 

commit to your makeup.  one of the interesting take-homes from this fashion week for us at stila was this concept of committing to your makeup.  this means really going for it.  if you are creating a smoky eye look, don’t go halfway.  what is the point?  Instead, really push yourself to make the most of it.  when we did this backstage, this is when we had our shining moments.

make it work.  tim gunn’s mantra held true for us backstage and it will definitely work for you.  “make it work”.  we made it work backstage at betsey when three of our artists worked together to get a model ready in time for the show.  it may not have been ideal, but it was necessary.  making it work also comes with figuring out what works for you.  for example, during some shows a lot of artists utilized stila’s lip liners to help them achieve the perfect lip look.  for others, this might have been too time consuming.  As you can see, it was about making the look work for them individually.

have fun.  lastly, have fun with your makeup.  makeup allows you to express your personality and your individuality.  if you take it too seriously, you might lose the fun of it.  so don’t be shy to experiment with new trends that excite you.  at the end of the day, everyone is an artist – whether you are a novice or a pro you have something to express to those around you!

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